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StationaryArtifact166A StationaryArtifact is an Artifact that has a fixed spatial location. Most instances of this &...^
    Building37The Class of StationaryArtifacts which are intended to house Humans and their activities.^
        TerminalBuilding1A TerminalBuilding is a Building located at a TransitTerminal and used in connection with its...^
        ParkingGarage.a ParkingGarage is a type of Building with a ParkingLot located in it^
        BaseballDugout.A Building which is used to house the members of both Baseball teams while a game is being play...^
        CommercialBuilding2A Building which is intended for organizational activities, e.g. retail or wholesale selling, man...^
        Store.A Building that has the purpose of housing FinancialTransactions.^
        FarmBuilding.A Building on a Farm that is used for keeping DomesticAnimals, Fodder or harvested crops.^
        Auditorium1Any Building whose purpose is to hold concerts, sports events, plays, etc. before an audience. Th...^
        ReligiousBuilding4A Building which is intended to be used for religious worship. This class covers churches, temple...^
        LibraryBuilding.The location of a Library Organization. It is intended to house books that are shared.^
        Barn.A Building on a Farm that is used for keeping DomesticAnimals, Fodder or harvested crops.^
        PoliceFacility.A building designed to house PolicePersons.^
        EntertainmentBuilding.A building that has the primary purpose of entertaining people.^
        GovernmentBuilding1A building belonging to a Government^
        OfficeBuilding.A building in which work activities take place which is not primarily designed for manufacturing or...^
        SchoolBuilding.A building where people receive education.^
        PlaceOfWorship5Any place designed for ReligiousProcesses.^
        RestaurantBuilding.A Building where people pay to be served food and eat. Some restaurants may also offer entertainm...^
        HighRise.HighRise refers to a type of Building that has greater than 10 BuildingLevel^
        ResidentialBuilding5A Building which provides some accommodation for sleeping. Note that this class does not cover ju...^
        HotelVilla.HotelVilla refers to a Building that is completely detached from the main HotelBuilding^

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