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Document20Instances of Document are ContentBearingObjects that are intended to convey propositional conte...^
HardcopyDocument11An instance of HardcopyDocument is a tangible (solid, touchable) Document, which typically ha...^
    Book10A Document that has pages and is bound.^
        ChristianBible.Any instance of the collection of writings which is regarded as scripture by those who embrace Ch...^
        OldTestament.The first part of the ChristianBible, describing the history of the Hebrew people.^
        NewTestament.The second and final part of the ChristianBible, describing the life and teachings of Jesus Chris...^
        ReferenceBook3A Book which is not intended to be read from cover to cover, but which is meant to be consulted t...^
        Novel.A FictionalText that is larger than a ShortStory and that is bound independently (i.e. it is a ...^
        GuideBook1GuideBook is a type of Book that offers basic information about a place, normally designed for ...^

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