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AnatomicalStructure304A normal or pathological part of the anatomy or structural organization of an Organism. This clas...^
    BodyPart285A collection of Cells and Tissues which are localized to a specific area of an Organism and w...^
        VirusPart4The class of structures which are typically found or may be found in viruses.^
        VocalFold.A smooth muscle found in pairs and comprising the VocalCords.^
        NasalSeptum.The nasal septum divides the NavalCavity into two parts, one leading from each Nostril.^
        PlantBranch1The stem of a Plant or any shoot arising from the stem of a Plant.^
        BodySegment6a part of the body that is capable of some degree of intentional independent motion from some oth...^
        CellPart13part of a Cell^
        Mouth.Part of the Face, used for Ingesting Food and Vocalizing.^
        Tongue.Part of the Mouth, used for Tasting Food, Vocalizing, and the initial stage of Digesting.^
        Hoof.The hard end of the Foot of a HoofedMammal.^
        AnimalShell.A hard shell of calcium that serves as a supporting structure for some Invertebrates.^
        Lip.Folds of Tissue surrounding the mouths of some Vertebrates.^
        Skeleton.The system of Bones that make up the supporting structure of Vertebrates.^
        Exoskeleton.The system of Bones that are on the Outside of an organism and make up the supporting structure...^
        Medulla.This is the lowest part of the brainstem. It helps control Heart and Lung function.^
        Pons.Located above the medulla in the brainstem, this area helps control eye and facial movement.^
        ParietalLobe.Situated in the middle of the brain, the parietal lobe supports the identification of objects and s...^
        FrontalLobe.The frontal lobe, which is located in the front of the head, is the largest section of the brain. I...^
        OccipitalLobes.Positioned near the back of the brain, the occipital lobe primarily interprets vision signals.^
        TemporalLobes.Located on either side of the brain, the temporal lobes play a role in numerous functions, includin...^
        Hypothalamus.The part of the Brain lying below the thalamus that serves to regulate AutonomicProcesses.^
        DigitAppendage3Any of the extremities of Limbs that are found in the higer Vertebrates and the Amphibians.^
        Limb3Any of the limbs of a Vertebrate. Animal Appendages with joints that are used for movement and gr...^
        Toe.The five extremities of a Foot.^
        Shoulder.The part of a Primate between the Arm and the neck.^
        Torso.The body of a Primate excluding its Limbs.^
        Waist.The waist is the part of the abdomen between the rib cage and hips. On proportionate people, the wa...^
        Head.The part of the body containing the sense organs and the brain.^
        Neck.The part of the body that connects the Head to the rest of the body.^
        Face.The part of the Head from forehead to chin and from ear to ear.^
        Chin.A part of the Face which protrudes slightly and which is lower than all other parts of the Face...^
        Feather.Each instance of this class is one of the structures that make up the external covering of Birds....^
        ReproductiveBody114Reproductive structure of Organisms. Consists of an Embryonic Object and a nutritive/protecti...^
        BodyCovering9Any BodyPart which is a covering of another BodyPart or of an entire Organism. This would inc...^
        BodyJunction7The place where two BodyParts meet or connect.^
        BodyCavity18Any BodyPart which contains an unfilled space, e.g. BodyVessels, the atria and ventricles of th...^
        Cell13The fundamental structural and functional unit of living Organisms.^
        Organ38A somewhat independent BodyPart that performs a specialized function. Note that this functional d...^
        Bone5这是大致由钙质所组成的坚硬Tissue,它构成了 Vertebrate 的 骨架。注:这个 Class 也包括牙齿。^
        Muscle13这是只在 Animal 出现的非坚硬的 Tissue,它大致由收缩 细胞所组成。^

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