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InternalAttribute493Any Attribute of an Entity that is an internal property of the Entity, e.g. its shape, its co...^
    BiologicalAttribute344Attributes that apply specifically to instances of OrganicObject (Organism or AnatomicalStr...^
        Fingerprint.That pattern of arches, loops, and whorls that mark the imprint of a Finger.^
        VisualAcuityAttribute2The BiologicalAttributes in this Class describe the visual capabilities of an Organism.^
        BodyPosition12The class of Attributes expressing configurations of bodies or parts of bodies of animals or huma...^
        AnimacyAttribute2Attributes that indicate whether an Organism is alive or not.^
        SexAttribute7Attributes that indicate the sex of an Organism.^
        DevelopmentalAttribute6Attributes that indicate the stage of development of an Organism.^
        DiseaseOrSyndrome153A BiologicalAttribute which qualifies something that alters or interferes with a normal process, ...^
        PsychologicalAttribute149Attributes that characterize the mental or behavioral life of an Organism.^

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