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InfectiousDisease63Any DiseaseOrSyndrome that is caused by a Microorganism.^
    BacterialDisease27A disease that is caused by instances of Bacterium.^
        RockyMountainSpottedFever.A very serious disease that is caused RickettsiaRickettsii, which is carried by ticks. The most d...^
        LouseBorneTyphus.The only rickettsial disease which is capable of causing widespread human epidemics. The initial sy...^
        Botulism.A paralytic disease caused by BotulinumToxin, a Toxin produced by the bacterium ClostridiumBo...^
        Glanders.A disease caused by BurkholderiaMallei. Primary symptoms of Glanders include fever, muscle ache...^
        Melioidosis.Also known as Whitmore's disease, it is similar to Glanders. Unlike Glanders, however, the dise...^
        Brucellosis.Infectious disease caused by BrucellaBacterium. It is also known as undulant fever and malta feve...^
        Plague2The disease caused by the Bacterium YersiniaPestis. Plague has two forms depending on the loc...^
        Anthrax1The disease caused by BacillusAnthracis. Victims of the disease may experience a brief, apparent ...^
        Gonorrhea.A disease caused by the bacterium NeisseriaGonorrhoeae.^
        QFever.A disease caused by the rickettsia CoxiellaBurnetii. Causes headache, chills, coughing, hallucina...^
        Tularemia.A disease associated with fever, chills, coughing and Tularemia skin lesions (ulcers up to an inch ...^
        Cholera.A diarrheal disease that is caused by a Toxin secreted by the Bacterium VibrioCholera. Death ...^
        Tetanus.Also known as lockjaw, a BacterialDisease that affects the nervous system. A subject is infected ...^
        Pertussis.The BacterialDisease caused by BordetellaPertussis. Its symptoms include severe coughing (hence...^
        Psittacosis.A serious disease caused by ChlamydiaPsittaci that affects both birds and humans. In humans the s...^
        StrepThroat.A BacterialDisease whose symptoms include a very sore throat, difficulty swallowing, high fever, ...^
        ScarletFever.A serious disease that may arise if StrepThroat is left untreated.^
        NecrotizingFaciitis.A BacterialDisease caused by StreptococcusA where the Bacterium rapidly attacks soft tissue.^
        Legionellosis2The disease caused by the Bacterium Legionella.^
        Diphtheria.The disease can infect almost any mucous membrane. It causes fever, chills, headache, and nausea. I...^
        Tuberculosis.A BacterialDisease caused by the Tubercle Bacillus that results in lesions on various body pa...^

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