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PhysiologicProcess96A normal process of an Organism or part of an Organism.^
    AutonomicProcess25The class of PhysiologicProcesses of which there is not conscious awareness and control.^
        Trembling2Any BodyMotion which is involuntary and which is repeated many times over a short time frame, e.g...^
        ReflexiveProcess.Any Muscle reaction which is a response to a specific stimulus and which does not reach the level...^
        Bleeding.The release of Blood from an Animal in response to an Injuring of some sort.^
        Blushing.The process of turning red in response to a stimulus which has a deep emotional effect.^
        OrganOrTissueProcess12A PhysiologicProcess of a particular Organ or Tissue.^
        Breathing3The Process of respiration, by which oxygen is made available to an Animal. This covers process...^
        Digesting.The Process by which Food that has been ingested is broken down into simpler chemical compounds...^
        Growth.The Process of biological development in which an Organism or part of an Organism changes its...^

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