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Object4801Corresponds roughly to the class of ordinary objects. Examples include normal physical objects, geo...^
    Artifact1447An Object that is the product of a Making.^
        ShipsHull.The exterior portion of a WaterVehicle that is water tight and designed to be in contact with the...^
        ShipDeck.The top of a WaterVehicle that is exposed to the air and designed to be the place where people ...^
        ShipCompartment1A ShipCompartment is any fully or partly bounded section of a Ship.^
        TransitShelter.TransitShelter is the class of structures that provide shelter for passengers waiting at a Tran...^
        TobaccoProduct.A product that contains tobacco leaves and has the delivery of the biologically active ingredients ...^
        Armor.Armor is protective clothing intended to defend its wearer from intentional harm in combat and mili...^
        Shield.An Artifact that is held by the hand or whole arm and is used to prevent injuries from Weapons....^
        Mast.A large pole in the center of a WaterVehicle which is used to support a sail.^
        Tube4A long, narrow, and hollow Artifact that is designed for moving Fluids from place to another.^
        PhotographicFilm.Celluloid covered with an emulsion which can be converted into photographic negatives by a Camera...^
        PictureFrame.A frame which surrounds a PaintedPicture or Photograph and has the function of protecting and a...^
        Shelf.An piece of Furniture or part of a piece of Furniture that is used for keeping or displaying th...^
        DisplayArtifact4Something for posting content so that it can be disseminated to the public.^
        Wheel2A circular Artifact which is a component of LandVehicles and of some Devices.^
        VehicleTire.A covering, usually made of rubber, for a Wheel.^
        Paper.Paper is a flat sheet of fibers, usually produced by spreading a wet solution of wood particles on ...^
        Wire4A long, thin strand of Metal that is used in a wide range of applications, including the wiring o...^
        String2A long, thin strand of Fabric that is used for Tying things together, etc. Note that this class c...^
        Plug1An Artifact which is designed to fit snugly within a Hole.^
        Pottery.Household Artifacts that are made out of baked Clay.^
        Pillow.A soft, stuffed Artifact to support the Head or the body as a whole while one is sleeping or re...^
        Mirror.An Artifact with a surface that is capable of displaying an image by reflecting light.^
        Furniture20Any free-standing and movable Artifacts which which are used in day-to-day living and designed to...^
        Mattress.A Mattress is a component of a Bed that is a cushion to make it more comfortable^
        BedFrame1A BedFrame is a %&component of a Bed that supports the mattress^
        BedLinen.BedLinen is an Artifact made of Fabric that is used to Covering a Bed^
        BoatDeck.One of the levels of a WaterVehicle, e.g. the upper deck and lower deck of small boats with a cab...^
        BoardOrBlock4A piece of material with flat, rectangular sides. Note that boards and blocks are lumped into a sin...^
        Veneer.A thin layer covering an Object (like Furniture) or a Wall for decorative or productive purpo...^
        ShoeSole.The bottom part of a Shoe that is intended to be the point of contact with the ground while the s...^
        MobileResidence3Anything which serves to house people but which changes its location from time to time, e.g. a moto...^
        AnimalResidence.An Artifact which is intended to house Animals and not Humans. Note that an AnimalResidence...^
        WoodArtifact1Wood that has been cut (and perhaps treated) for some purpose, e.g. Constructing or Combustio...^
        Ladder.An Artifact which consists of two parallel supports connected by a series of rungs which can be u...^
        Window5An Artifact composed of transparent material that admits light (and possibly air) into a Room, ...^
        WindowCovering1An Artifact that is used to cover Windows. Note that this class includes blinds, drapes, shutters...^
        GameArtifact19An Artifact that is designed to be used as an instrument in a Game.^
        MilitaryArtifact2Any Artifact which is made for a MilitaryOrganization.^
        Sail.Sail refers to an Artifact made of some type of Fabric which by means of which wind is used t...^
        Document20Instances of Document are ContentBearingObjects that are intended to convey propositional conte...^
        GrabBar.GrabBar is a bar attached to a Wall to provide a handgrip for steadying yourself^
        WetBar.WetBar is a place for preparing food and beverage that has a sink with running water^
        Text135A LinguisticExpression or set of LinguisticExpressions that perform a specific function related...^
        Product109An Artifact that is produced by Manufacture.^
        StationaryArtifact164A StationaryArtifact is an Artifact that has a fixed spatial location. Most instances of this &...^
        ArtWork9Artifacts that are created primarily for aesthetic appreciation. Note that this Class does not ...^
        Fabric11Artifacts that are created by weaving together natural or synthetic fibers or by treating the ski...^
        WearableItem44WearableItem is the subclass of Artifacts that are made to be worn on the body.^
        Device952A Device is an Artifact whose purpose is to serve as an instrument in a specific subclass of ...^
        WaterCatchment.WaterCatchment is the subclass of Artifacts used to capture rainwater or runoff as a source of ...^
        Reservoir.A Reservoir is an artifically made (or artifically enlarged) holding area where water is collecte...^
        IrrigationChannel.IrrigationChannel is the class of artificially created channels used for transporting water to ag...^
        Piston.A piston is a component of reciprocating engines, reciprocating pumps, gas compressors and pneumati...^
        EngineCylinder.A single cylinder of an Engine block and its associated components.^
        Chain.A number of interconnected loops of metal that has strength in tension and is used like rope, altho...^
        ChainLink.Any closed form of metal rod or wire intended for use as part of a chain.^
        InteriorVehicleEquipment.The objects Inside the passenger compartment of a RoadVehicle, such as the seats, dashboard and...^

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