(instance ?CURSOR Cursor)
        (hasGUEState ?CURSOR GUE_SelectedState)))
ComputerInput.kif 2223-2226 ~{ instance GUIElement and Cursor } ~{ hasGUEState GUIElement and GUE_SelectedState }
        (instance ?CURSOR MouseCursor)
        (hasGUEState ?CURSOR GUE_ActiveState)))
ComputerInput.kif 1949-1952 ~{ instance GUIElement and MouseCursor } ~{ hasGUEState GUIElement and GUE_ActiveState }
    (exists (?PATH1 ?PATH2)
            (instance ?PATH1
                (CutSetFn ?GRAPH))
            (instance ?PATH2
                (MinimalCutSetFn ?GRAPH))
            (pathLength ?PATH1 ?NUMBER1)
            (pathLength ?PATH2 ?NUMBER2)
            (lessThan ?NUMBER1 ?NUMBER2))))
Merge.kif 6003-6010 GraphPath GraphPath instance GraphPath and CutSetFn Graph instance GraphPath and MinimalCutSetFn Graph pathLength GraphPath and PositiveInteger pathLength GraphPath and PositiveInteger lessThan PositiveInteger and PositiveInteger

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