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ArtifactPackage ArtifactPackage
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ArtStudio (art studio) annualRevenuesOfAreaInPeriod (annual revenues of area in period)
ArtWork (art work) antagonistMuscles (antagonist muscles)
Artery (artery) anthem (anthem)
ArteryOfBulbOfPenis (artery of bulb of penis) applicableRelation (applicable relation)
ArteryOfBulbOfVestibule (artery of bulb of vestibule) appointedPosition (appointedPosition)
ArteryOfPterygoidCanalArtery (artery of pterygoid canal artery) appraisedValue (appraised value)
Arthritis (arthritis) approves (approves)
Arthropod (arthropod) approximateDiameter (approximate diameter)
Article (article) approximateValue (approximate value)
ArticleCategory (article category) arableLandArea (arable land area)
ArticularProcessesOfC4C6TransverseProcessesOfC7AndT1T7 (ArticularProcessesOfC4C6TransverseProcessesOfC7AndT1T7) arcWeight (arc weight)
ArticularProcessesOfC4C7 (ArticularProcessesOfC4C7) areaOfOperation (area of operation)
ArticularisGenusMuscle (articularis genus muscle) areaOfResponsibility (area of responsibility)
Artifact (artifact) arrested (arrested)
ArtifactMediatedCommunication (artifact mediated communication) arrestingOfficer (arresting officer)
ArtifactPackage artifactPackage
ArtificialAndSyntheticFibersAndFilamentsManufacturing (artificial and synthetic fibers and filaments manufacturing) askPrice (ask price)
ArtificialLanguage (artificial language) associateInOrganization (associate in organization)
ArtificialSatellite (satellite) associateWithStatus (associate with status)
ArtilleryBattery (artillery battery) associatedFunctionality (associated functionality)
ArtilleryCannon (artillery cannon) atTheMoney (at the money)
ArtilleryGun (artillery gun) atomicNumber (atomic number)
Artist (artist) attends (attends)
ArtisticOccupation (artistic occupation) attitudeForFormula (attitude for formula)
ArtsAndRecreationTicketingServices (arts and recreation tickets) attitudeForObject (attitude for object)
ArtsEntertainmentAndRecreation (arts entertainment and recreation) attorney (attorney)
AruaLanguage (arua language) attribute (attribute)
AruanLanguage (aruan language) aunt (aunt)
Aruba (aruba) authors (authors)
Arugula (arugula) automatedNotification (automated notification)
ArutaniLanguage (arutani language) availableBalance (available balance)
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