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ArchitectureFirm ArchitectureFirm
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ArcMinute (arc minute) annualExpendituresOfAreaInPeriod (annual expenditures of area in period)
ArcSecond (arc second) annualExportTotal (annual export total)
ArcSineFn (arcsine) annualImportTotal (annual import total)
ArcTangentFn (arctangent) annualRevenuesOfArea (annual revenues of area)
ArchaealCell (archaeal cell) annualRevenuesOfAreaInPeriod (annual revenues of area in period)
Archeologist (archeologist) antagonistMuscles (antagonist muscles)
Archeology (archeology) anthem (anthem)
Archery (archery) applicableRelation (applicable relation)
ArchipelagicArea (archipelagic area) appointedPosition (appointedPosition)
Archipelago (archipelago) appraisedValue (appraised value)
Architect (architect) approves (approves)
ArchitecturalAndStructuralMetalsManufacturing (architectural and structural metals manufacturing) approximateDiameter (approximate diameter)
ArchitecturalEngineeringAndRelatedServices (architectural engineering and related services) approximateValue (approximate value)
ArchitecturalServices (architectural services) arableLandArea (arable land area)
Architecture (architecture) arcWeight (arc weight)
ArchitectureFirm architectureFirm
ArcticOcean (arctic ocean) areaOfOperation (area of operation)
ArcticRegion (arctic region) areaOfResponsibility (area of responsibility)
ArcuateArtery (arcuate artery) arrested (arrested)
Area (Area) arrestingOfficer (arresting officer)
AreaBetweenSuperiorNchalLineAndInferiorNuchalLine (AreaBetweenSuperiorNchalLineAndInferiorNuchalLine) askPrice (ask price)
AreaMeasure (area measure) associateInOrganization (associate in organization)
AreaOfConcern (area of concern) associateWithStatus (associate with status)
Argentina (argentina) associatedFunctionality (associated functionality)
ArgentineAustral (argentine austral) atTheMoney (at the money)
ArgentineSignLanguage (argentine sign language) atomicNumber (atomic number)
ArgentineanCuisine (Argentinean Cuisine) attends (attends)
ArgentinianHemorrhagicFever (argentinian hemorrhagic fever) attitudeForFormula (attitude for formula)
Argon (argon) attitudeForObject (attitude for object)
Arguing (arguing) attorney (attorney)
Argument (argument) attribute (attribute)
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