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Sigma KEE - AppraisalOfLoss
AppraisalOfLoss(appraisal of loss)

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AppraisalOfLoss EnglishLanguage "An appraisal that represents a belief that something or someone that is important to the person has been lost to the person.") emotion.kif 261-263
(documentation AppraisalOfLoss EnglishLanguage "This appraisal category stands alone: appraisal of loss is not a continuum like the others (pleasant---unpleasant; expected---unexpected). Rather it is quite discrete, loss or no loss, and is better defined by WHAT has been lost, or at least, in which relation the thing that has been lost stands to the person experiencing the emotion. Loss of a loved person, loss of the expectation of achieving a hoped for life goal, and loss of a limb are all kinds of loss. While it is tempting not to categorise this as an appraisal at all, it should be noted that the loss does not actually have to occur -- it only has to be believed, judged, or (in other words) appraised to have occurred -- for the emotion to take place.") emotion.kif 264-274
(subclass AppraisalOfLoss Appraisal) emotion.kif 275-275 Appraisal of loss is a subclass of appraisal

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage AppraisalOfLoss "appraisal of loss") emotion.kif 276-276
(utterance EnglishLanguage AppraisalOfLoss "I have irrevocably lost something important") emotion.kif 259-260 utterance english language, appraisal of loss and "I have irrevocably lost something important"

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