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Appellation Appellation
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ApartmentBuilding (apartment building) angleOfFigure (angle of figure)
ApartmentUnit (apartment unit) angularMeasure (angular measure)
Ape (ape) anniversary (anniversary)
Aperitif (aperitif) annualElectricityConsumption (annual electricity consumption)
ApexOfTongue (ApexOfTongue) annualElectricityExport (annual electricity export)
Apiculture (apiculture) annualElectricityImport (annual electricity import)
Apologizing (apologizing) annualElectricityProduction (annual electricity production)
ApostolicChurch (Apostolic church) annualExpendituresOfArea (annual expenditures of area)
ApostoliskChurch (Apostolisk church) annualExpendituresOfAreaInPeriod (annual expenditures of area in period)
App (app) annualExportTotal (annual export total)
ApparelAccessoriesAndOtherApparelManufacturing (apparel accessories and other apparel manufacturing) annualImportTotal (annual import total)
ApparelKnittingMills (apparel knitting mills) annualRevenuesOfArea (annual revenues of area)
ApparelManufacturing (apparel manufacturing) annualRevenuesOfAreaInPeriod (annual revenues of area in period)
ApparelPieceGoodsAndNotionsWholesalers (apparel piece goods and notions wholesalers) antagonistMuscles (antagonist muscles)
AppealsCourt (appeals court) anthem (anthem)
Appellation appellation
Apple (apple) applicableRelation (applicable relation)
AppleAppStore (App store) appointedPosition (appointedPosition)
AppleComputer (Apple Computer) appraisedValue (appraised value)
AppleComputerCorporation (Apple) approves (approves)
AppleDockPort (Apple DockPort) approximateDiameter (approximate diameter)
AppleFaceTime (FaceTime) approximateValue (approximate value)
AppleFairPlay (FairPlay) arableLandArea (arable land area)
AppleFastAppSwitcher (Apple Fast App Switcher) arcWeight (arc weight)
AppleFindMy (Find My) areaOfOperation (area of operation)
AppleGameCenter (game center) areaOfResponsibility (area of responsibility)
AppleGarageBand (GarageBand) arrested (arrested)
AppleICloud (iCloud) arrestingOfficer (arresting officer)
AppleID (Apple ID) askPrice (ask price)
AppleILife (iLife) associateInOrganization (associate in organization)
AppleIMac (iMac) associateWithStatus (associate with status)
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appellation, appellative, denomination, designation

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