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Sigma KEE - Angel
Angel(angel)Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, angel, archangel, cherub, divine_messenger, genius_loci, guardian_angel, guardian_spirit, seraph

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(documentation Angel EnglishLanguage "In the mythologies of the world's major monotheistic religions -- Judaism, Christianity, and Islam -- Angels are portrayed as a Class of beings that fall somewhere between Humans and God on the scale of divinity. Humans typically encounter Angels when the latter are acting as messengers (GreekLanguage singular: angelos) or intermediaries for God. Such encounters often are described as occurring in dreams, or in trance experiences.") Media.kif 1983-1991
(subclass Angel Deity) Media.kif 1982-1982 Angel is a subclass of deity

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(termFormat EnglishLanguage Angel "angel") domainEnglishFormat.kif 64455-64455

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