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AmbulanceCompany AmbulanceCompany
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AlveolarYokeOfIncisorTooth (AlveolarYokeOfIncisorTooth) albumCoverImage (album cover)
AlveolarYokeOfLowerLateralIncisorToothFoundOnAnteriorMandible (AlveolarYokeOfLowerLateralIncisorToothFoundOnAnteriorMandible) albumLength (album length)
Alveolus (alveolus) albumRelease (album release)
AmaLeftMayLanguage (ama left may language) albumTrack (album track)
AmaNyimangLanguage (ama nyimang language) albumType (album type)
AmamiOkinawanLanguage (amami okinawan language) alias (alias)
AmapaCreoleLanguage (amapa creole language) allRoomsPhysicalAmenity (physical amenity in all rooms)
AmarakaeriLanguage (amarakaeri language) allRoomsPolicy (room policy in all rooms)
Amaretto (amaretto) allRoomsServiceAmenity (service amenity in all rooms)
Ambassador (ambassador) allegiance (allegiance)
AmbienceAttribute (ambience) allergic (allergic)
AmbienceRating (ambience rating) allowableValue (allowable value)
AmbonIndonesia (ambon indonesia) almaMater (Alma Mater)
AmboneseMalayLanguage (ambonese malay language) alternativeTitle (alternative title)
Ambulance (ambulance) altitude (altitude)
AmbulanceCompany ambulanceCompany
AmbulanceServices (ambulance services) amount (amount)
Ambulating (ambulating) amountCharged (amount charged)
Ambulatory (ambulatory) amountDue (amount due)
AmbulatoryHealthCareServices (ambulatory health care services) amountOfBid (bid amount)
Ambush (ambush) ancestor (ancestor)
AmeraxLanguage (amerax language) ancestorOrganization (ancestor organization)
AmericanCity (american city) and (and)
AmericanCuisine (American Cuisine) angleOfFigure (angle of figure)
AmericanExpressCard (american express card) angularMeasure (angular measure)
AmericanIndianAndAlaskaNativeTribalGovernments (american indian and alaska native tribal governments) anniversary (anniversary)
AmericanInstituteInTaiwan (american institute in taiwan) annualElectricityConsumption (annual electricity consumption)
AmericanRoast (American roast) annualElectricityExport (annual electricity export)
AmericanSamoa (american samoa) annualElectricityImport (annual electricity import)
AmericanSignLanguage (american sign language) annualElectricityProduction (annual electricity production)
AmericanState (american state) annualExpendituresOfArea (annual expenditures of area)
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