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AirlineHub AirlineHub
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AirPurificationEquipmentManufacturing (air purification equipment manufacturing) ageOfMajorityForProcess (age of majority for process)
AirReconnaissance (air reconnaissance) agent (agent)
AirRoute (air route) agentName (agent name)
AirStream (air stream) agentOperatesInArea (agent operates in area)
AirTrafficControl (air traffic control) agreementAdoptionDate (agreement adoption date)
AirTransitway (air transitway) agreementClause (agreement clause)
AirTransportation (air transportation) agreementEffectiveDate (agreement effective date)
AirTransportationIndustry (air transportation industry) agreementEffectiveDuring (agreement effective during)
AirTransportationService (Air Transportation Service) agreementExpirationDate (expiration date)
Aircraft (aircraft) agreementPeriod (agreement period)
AircraftCarrier (aircraft carrier) agreementRevisionDate (agreement revision date)
AircraftEngineAndEnginePartsManufacturing (aircraft engine and engine parts manufacturing) agriculturalProductType (agricultural product type)
AircraftManufacturing (aircraft manufacturing) agriculturalProductTypeByRank (agricultural product type by rank)
Airline (Airline) aimOfOrganization (aim of organization)
AirlineCodeMap (airline code map) airTemperature (air temperature)
AirlineHub airlineHub
Airplane (airplane) albumArtist (album artist)
AirplaneMode (Airplane mode) albumCoverImage (album cover)
Airport (airport) albumLength (album length)
AirportByRunwaySurface (airport by runway surface) albumRelease (album release)
AirportClassification (airport classification) albumTrack (album track)
AirportOperations (airport operations) albumType (album type)
AirportShuttleService (airport shuttle) alias (alias)
AirportWithPavedRunway (airport with paved runway) allRoomsPhysicalAmenity (physical amenity in all rooms)
AirportWithUnpavedRunway (airport with unpaved runway) allRoomsPolicy (room policy in all rooms)
Airway (airway) allRoomsServiceAmenity (service amenity in all rooms)
AjaccioFrance (ajaccio france) allegiance (allegiance)
AkaBeaLanguage (aka bea language) allergic (allergic)
AkaBoLanguage (aka bo language) allowableValue (allowable value)
AkaCariLanguage (aka cari language) almaMater (Alma Mater)
AkaJeruLanguage (aka jeru language) alternativeTitle (alternative title)
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