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AgricultureFn AgricultureFn
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AghuIndonesianLanguage (aghu indonesian language) afterTaxIncome (after tax income)
AghuTharnggaluLanguage (aghu tharnggalu language) age (age)
Agnostic (agnostic) ageOfMajorityForProcess (age of majority for process)
Agnosticism (agnosticism) agent (agent)
Agreement (agreement) agentName (agent name)
AgreementOrganizationFn (agreement organization) agentOperatesInArea (agent operates in area)
AgriTurkey (agri turkey) agreementAdoptionDate (agreement adoption date)
AgriculturalChemicalsIssue (agricultural chemicals issue) agreementClause (agreement clause)
AgriculturalDevelopment (agricultural development) agreementEffectiveDate (agreement effective date)
AgriculturalExpansionIssue (agricultural expansion issue) agreementEffectiveDuring (agreement effective during)
AgriculturalImplementManufacturing (agricultural implement manufacturing) agreementExpirationDate (expiration date)
AgriculturalSector (agricultural sector) agreementPeriod (agreement period)
Agriculture (agriculture) agreementRevisionDate (agreement revision date)
AgricultureBasedEconomy (agriculture based economy) agriculturalProductType (agricultural product type)
AgricultureConstructionAndMiningMachineryManufacturing (agriculture construction and mining machinery manufacturing) agriculturalProductTypeByRank (agricultural product type by rank)
AgricultureFn agricultureFn
AgricultureForestryFishingAndHunting (agriculture forestry fishing and hunting) aimOfOrganization (aim of organization)
AguanoLanguage (aguano language) airTemperature (air temperature)
AguarunaLanguage (aguaruna language) albumArtist (album artist)
AhmadiyyaMuslim (ahmadiyya muslim) albumCoverImage (album cover)
AhmadiyyaSect (ahmadiyya sect) albumLength (album length)
Aikido (aikido) albumRelease (album release)
AimakEthnicity (aimak ethnicity) albumTrack (album track)
AimaqLanguage (aimaq language) albumType (album type)
AinDeflaAlgeria (ain defla algeria) alias (alias)
AinElHajarAlgeria (ain el hajar algeria) allRoomsPhysicalAmenity (physical amenity in all rooms)
AinuJapaneseLanguage (ainu japanese language) allRoomsPolicy (room policy in all rooms)
AinuTurkicLanguage (ainu turkic language) allRoomsServiceAmenity (service amenity in all rooms)
Aioli (aioli) allegiance (allegiance)
Air (air) allergic (allergic)
AirAndGasCompressorManufacturing (air and gas compressor manufacturing) allowableValue (allowable value)
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