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Sigma KEE - AegilopsSpeltoides
AegilopsSpeltoides(Aegilops Speltoides)

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AegilopsSpeltoides EnglishLanguage "Aegilops speltoides is an edible goatgrass in the family Poaceae native to Southeastern Europe and Western Asia, which is often used for animal feed, and it has grown in cultivated beds. Aegilops speltoides is a diploid (2 sets of chromosomes). [wikipedia]") Economy.kif 3855-3857
(subclass AegilopsSpeltoides AegilopsGrass) Economy.kif 3854-3854 Aegilops Speltoides is a subclass of Aegilops grass

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage AegilopsSpeltoides "Aegilops Speltoides") Economy.kif 3858-3858


        (instance ?COLL Collection)
        (memberType ?COLL Chromosome)
        (member ?M ?COLL)
        (part ?M DurumWheatGrass))
    (exists (?A ?B ?X ?Y)
            (subCollection ?A ?COLL)
            (instance ?A HomologousChromosomeSet)
            (memberType ?A ?X)
            (initialPart ?X TriticumUrartu)
            (subCollection ?B ?COLL)
            (instance ?B HomologousChromosomeSet)
            (memberType ?B ?Y)
            (initialPart ?Y AegilopsSpeltoides))))
Economy.kif 3911-3926

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