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Sigma KEE - AdductorHallucisMuscle
AdductorHallucisMuscle(adductor hallucis muscle)

appearance as argument number 1

(antagonistMuscles AdductorHallucisMuscle AbductorHallucisMuscle) Muscles.kif 2135-2135 Adductor hallucis muscle and abductor hallucis muscle are antagonist muscles
(documentation AdductorHallucisMuscle EnglishLanguage "The AdductorHallucisMuscle eadducts big Toe.") Muscles.kif 2187-2187
(muscleInsertion AdductorHallucisMuscle PhalanxOfBigToe) Muscles.kif 2183-2183 The insertion point of adductor hallucis muscle is PhalanxOfBigToe
(muscleOrigin AdductorHallucisMuscle ProximalEndOfmetatarsal) Muscles.kif 2182-2182 The origin of adductor hallucis muscle is ProximalEndOfmetatarsal
(subclass AdductorHallucisMuscle Muscle) Muscles.kif 2180-2180 Adductor hallucis muscle is a subclass of muscle

appearance as argument number 2

(antagonistMuscles AbductorHallucisMuscle AdductorHallucisMuscle) Muscles.kif 2188-2188 Abductor hallucis muscle and adductor hallucis muscle are antagonist muscles
(ennervates LateralPlantarNerve AdductorHallucisMuscle) Muscles.kif 2184-2184 ennervates lateral plantar nerve and adductor hallucis muscle
(termFormat EnglishLanguage AdductorHallucisMuscle "adductor hallucis muscle") Muscles.kif 2181-2181

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