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Sigma KEE - AbdominalAorta
AbdominalAorta(abdominal aorta)

appearance as argument number 1

(connectedBodyPartTypes AbdominalAorta ThoracicAorta Human) arteries.kif 1280-1280 connectedBodyPartTypes abdominal aorta, thoracic aorta and human
(documentation AbdominalAorta EnglishLanguage "In human anatomy, the abdominal aorta is the largest Artery in the abdominal cavity. As part of the aorta, it is a direct continuation of the descending aorta (of the thorax).[from Wikipedia]") arteries.kif 1275-1277
(externalImage AbdominalAorta " thumb/ 5/ 5c/ Aorta_segments.svg/ 800px-Aorta_segments.svg.png") arteries.kif 1279-1279
(partTypes AbdominalAorta Aorta) arteries.kif 1273-1273 Every abdominal aorta is a part of a aorta
(subclass AbdominalAorta Artery) arteries.kif 1272-1272 Abdominal aorta is a subclass of artery

appearance as argument number 2

(connectedBodyPartTypes CeliacArtery AbdominalAorta Human) arteries.kif 1300-1300 connectedBodyPartTypes celiac artery, abdominal aorta and human
(connectedBodyPartTypes CommonIliacArtery AbdominalAorta Human) arteries.kif 1549-1549 connectedBodyPartTypes common iliac artery, abdominal aorta and human
(connectedBodyPartTypes GonadalArtery AbdominalAorta Human) arteries.kif 1487-1487 connectedBodyPartTypes gonadal artery, abdominal aorta and human
(connectedBodyPartTypes InferiorPhrenicArtery AbdominalAorta Human) arteries.kif 1284-1284 connectedBodyPartTypes inferior phrenic artery, abdominal aorta and human
(connectedBodyPartTypes LumbarArtery AbdominalAorta Human) arteries.kif 1505-1505 connectedBodyPartTypes lumbar artery, abdominal aorta and human
(connectedBodyPartTypes MiddleSuprarenalArtery AbdominalAorta Human) arteries.kif 1431-1431 connectedBodyPartTypes middle suprarenal artery, abdominal aorta and human
(connectedBodyPartTypes OvarianArtery AbdominalAorta FemaleHuman) arteries.kif 1498-1498 connectedBodyPartTypes ovarian artery, abdominal aorta and FemaleHuman
(connectedBodyPartTypes RenalArtery AbdominalAorta Human) arteries.kif 1439-1439 connectedBodyPartTypes renal artery, abdominal aorta and human
(connectedBodyPartTypes SuperiorMesentericArtery AbdominalAorta Human) arteries.kif 1397-1397 connectedBodyPartTypes superior mesenteric artery, abdominal aorta and human
(connectedBodyPartTypes TesticularArtery AbdominalAorta MaleHuman) arteries.kif 1493-1493 connectedBodyPartTypes testicular artery, abdominal aorta and MaleHuman
(termFormat EnglishLanguage AbdominalAorta "abdominal aorta") arteries.kif 1274-1274

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