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Sigma KEE - TonicClonicSeizure

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation TonicClonicSeizure EnglishLanguage "A generalized tonic–clonic seizure, commonly known as a grand mal seizure or GTCS, is a type of generalized seizure that produces bilateral, convulsive tonic and clonic muscle contractions. Tonic–clonic seizures are the seizure type most commonly associated with epilepsy and seizures in general and the most common seizure associated with metabolic imbalances. It is a misconception that they are the sole type of seizure, as they are the main seizure type in approximately 10% of those with epilepsy.[from Wikipedia]") Medicine.kif 1625-1633
(subclass TonicClonicSeizure Seizure) Medicine.kif 1623-1623

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage TonicClonicSeizure "GTCS") Medicine.kif 1637-1637
(termFormat EnglishLanguage TonicClonicSeizure "grand mal seizure") Medicine.kif 1636-1636
(termFormat EnglishLanguage TonicClonicSeizure "tonic-clonic seizure") Medicine.kif 1635-1635


        (instance ?S TonicClonicSeizure)
        (experiencer ?S ?A))
        (WhenFn ?S)
            (attribute ?A Conscious))))
Medicine.kif 1639-1646

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