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Sigma KEE - RationalNumber

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation RationalNumber ChineseLanguage "这是把两个 Integer 相除的商,它可以是任何一个的 RealNumber。") chinese_format.kif 1741-1742
(documentation RationalNumber EnglishLanguage "Any RealNumber that is the product of dividing two Integers.") Merge.kif 1913-1914
(documentation RationalNumber JapaneseLanguage "2つのINTを分割した製品である任意の RealNumber。") japanese_format.kif 349-350
(subclass RationalNumber RealNumber) Merge.kif 1911-1911

appearance as argument number 2

(partition RealNumber RationalNumber IrrationalNumber) Merge.kif 1893-1893
(range RationalNumberFn RationalNumber) Merge.kif 5055-5055
(subclass Integer RationalNumber) Merge.kif 1954-1954
(termFormat ChineseLanguage RationalNumber "有理数") chinese_format.kif 861-861
(termFormat EnglishLanguage RationalNumber "rational number") english_format.kif 924-924
(termFormat FrenchLanguage RationalNumber "nombre rationnel") french_format.kif 537-537
(termFormat Hindi RationalNumber "parimeya anka") terms-hindi.txt 67-67
(termFormat ItalianLanguage RationalNumber "NumeroRazionale") terms-it.txt 70-70
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage RationalNumber "有理数") japanese_format.kif 2222-2222
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage RationalNumber "Numero Racional") portuguese_format.kif 489-489
(termFormat cz RationalNumber "rational number") terms-cz.txt 104-104
(termFormat ro RationalNumber "numãr raþional") relations-ro.kif 558-558
(termFormat tg RationalNumber "proporsiyong numero") terms-tg.txt 71-71


        (inList ?E ?L)
        (equal ?L
            (AmountsFn ?S ?CO ?U)))
    (instance ?E RationalNumber))
Merge.kif 7582-7587

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