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Sigma KEE - typicalTemporalPart

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation typicalTemporalPart EnglishLanguage "An instance of the first argument is typically a temporal part of an instance of the second argument. This is a class-level relation roughly corresponding to temporalPart. Note that this does not imply that such wholes typically have such parts.") Cars.kif 1438-1441
(domainSubclass typicalTemporalPart 1 Process) Cars.kif 1442-1442
(domainSubclass typicalTemporalPart 2 Process) Cars.kif 1443-1443
(instance typicalTemporalPart BinaryPredicate) Cars.kif 1431-1431
(instance typicalTemporalPart TemporalRelation) Cars.kif 1432-1432
(relatedInternalConcept typicalTemporalPart temporalPart) Cars.kif 1433-1433
(relatedInternalConcept typicalTemporalPart typicalPart) Cars.kif 1434-1434

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage typicalTemporalPart "a %1 is typically a part of a %2") Cars.kif 1436-1436


        (typicalTemporalPart ?PART ?WHOLE)
        (instance ?X ?PART)
        (equal ?PARTPROB
                (exists (?Y)
                        (instance ?Y ?WHOLE)
                        (temporalPart ?X ?Y)))))
        (equal ?NOTPARTPROB
                    (exists (?Z)
                            (instance ?Z ?WHOLE)
                            (temporalPart ?X ?Z)))))))
    (greaterThan ?PARTPROB ?NOTPARTPROB))
Cars.kif 1453-1470
    (typicalTemporalPart ?PART ?WHOLE)
    (exists (?X ?Y)
            (instance ?X ?WHOLE)
            (instance ?Y ?PART)
            (temporalPart ?Y ?X))))
Cars.kif 1445-1451

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