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Sigma KEE - molecularRatio

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation molecularRatio EnglishLanguage "The number of molecules of a particular ElementalSubstance in a given CompoundSubstance.") Cars.kif 1766-1767
(domain molecularRatio 2 Integer) Cars.kif 1769-1769
(domainSubclass molecularRatio 1 ElementalSubstance) Cars.kif 1768-1768
(domainSubclass molecularRatio 3 CompoundSubstance) Cars.kif 1770-1770
(instance molecularRatio TernaryRelation) Cars.kif 1763-1763

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage molecularRatio "the number of molecules of %1 in a molecule of %3 is %n %2") Cars.kif 1764-1765


        (instance ?CS1 ?CLASS)
        (subclass ?CLASS CompoundSubstance)
            (exists (?CS2)
                    (instance ?CS2 ?CLASS)
                    (part ?CS2 ?CS1))))
        (molecularRatio ?ECLASS ?N ?CLASS)
        (instance ?G Group)
        (member ?E ?G)
        (part ?E ?CS1)
        (instance ?E ?ECLASS))
    (memberCount ?G ?N))
Cars.kif 1772-1786

appearance as argument number 0

(molecularRatio Carbon 1 Freon12) Cars.kif 1804-1804
(molecularRatio Chlorine 2 Freon12) Cars.kif 1805-1805
(molecularRatio Fluorine 2 Freon12) Cars.kif 1806-1806
(molecularRatio Hydrogen 2 SulfuricAcid) Cars.kif 2491-2491
(molecularRatio Nitrogen 1 NitricOxide) Geography.kif 6743-6743
(molecularRatio Nitrogen 1 NitrogenDioxide) Geography.kif 6768-6768
(molecularRatio Oxygen 1 NitricOxide) Geography.kif 6744-6744
(molecularRatio Oxygen 2 NitrogenDioxide) Geography.kif 6769-6769
(molecularRatio Oxygen 2 SulphurDioxide) Geography.kif 6709-6709
(molecularRatio Oxygen 4 SulfuricAcid) Cars.kif 2493-2493
(molecularRatio Sulphur 1 SulfuricAcid) Cars.kif 2492-2492
(molecularRatio Sulphur 1 SulphurDioxide) Geography.kif 6708-6708

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