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Sigma KEE - effectiveRange

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation effectiveRange EnglishLanguage "Models the effective range of some device that is able to move by itself (like vehicles, rockets and so on) or move other things (like weapons).") Mid-level-ontology.kif 1389-1391
(domain effectiveRange 1 Device) Mid-level-ontology.kif 1387-1387
(domain effectiveRange 2 LengthMeasure) Mid-level-ontology.kif 1388-1388
(instance effectiveRange BinaryPredicate) Mid-level-ontology.kif 1384-1384
(instance effectiveRange SingleValuedRelation) Mid-level-ontology.kif 1385-1385
(subrelation effectiveRange measure) Mid-level-ontology.kif 1386-1386

appearance as argument number 2

(format ChineseLanguage effectiveRange "%2 %n 是 %1 的 effective 范围") domainEnglishFormat.kif 836-836
(format ChineseTraditionalLanguage effectiveRange "%2 %n 是 %1 的 effective 範圍") domainEnglishFormat.kif 835-835
(format EnglishLanguage effectiveRange "%2 is %n an effective range of %1") domainEnglishFormat.kif 834-834
(termFormat ChineseLanguage effectiveRange "有效范围") domainEnglishFormat.kif 21300-21300
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage effectiveRange "有效範圍") domainEnglishFormat.kif 21299-21299
(termFormat EnglishLanguage effectiveRange "effective range") domainEnglishFormat.kif 21298-21298


        (instance ?GUN Gun)
        (instance ?U UnitOfLength)
        (effectiveRange ?GUN
            (MeasureFn ?LM ?U))
        (distance ?GUN ?O
            (MeasureFn ?LM1 ?U))
        (instance ?O Organism)
            (exists (?O2)
                (between ?O ?O2 ?GUN)))
        (lessThanOrEqualTo ?LM1 ?LM))
    (exists (?KILLING)
            (KappaFn ?KILLING
                    (instance ?KILLING Killing)
                    (patient ?KILLING ?O))) instrument ?GUN)))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 1417-1436
        (instance ?GUN Gun)
        (instance ?U UnitOfLength)
        (effectiveRange ?GUN
            (MeasureFn ?LM ?U))
        (distance ?GUN ?O
            (MeasureFn ?LM1 ?U))
            (exists (?O2)
                (between ?O ?O2 ?GUN)))
        (lessThanOrEqualTo ?LM1 ?LM))
    (exists (?DAMAGING)
            (KappaFn ?DAMAGING
                    (instance ?DAMAGING Damaging)
                    (patient ?DAMAGING ?O))) instrument ?GUN)))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 1395-1413


    (instance ?AAV AAV)
        (length ?AAV
            (MeasureFn 7.94 Meter))
        (width ?AAV
            (MeasureFn 3.27 Meter))
        (weight ?AAV
            (MeasureFn 22.8 TonMass))
        (height ?AAV
            (MeasureFn 3.26 Meter))
        (effectiveRange ?AAV
            (MeasureFn 480.0 Kilometer))))
MilitaryDevices.kif 1662-1674
    (instance ?AGM114 AGM114)
        (length ?AGM114
            (MeasureFn 1.63 Meter))
        (width ?AGM114
            (MeasureFn 0.71 Meter))
        (height ?AGM114
            (MeasureFn 0.71 Meter))
        (weight ?AGM114
            (MeasureFn 45.0 Kilogram))
        (effectiveRange ?AGM114
            (MeasureFn 8.0 Kilometer))))
MilitaryDevices.kif 1235-1247
    (instance ?AGM65 AGM65)
        (length ?AGM65
            (MeasureFn 2.55 Meter))
        (width ?AGM65
            (MeasureFn 0.7 Meter))
        (height ?AGM65
            (MeasureFn 0.7 Meter))
        (weight ?AGM65
            (MeasureFn 302.0 Kilogram))
        (effectiveRange ?AGM65
            (MeasureFn 27.0 Kilometer))))
MilitaryDevices.kif 1155-1167
    (instance ?AH1 AH1)
        (length ?AH1
            (MeasureFn 17.68 Meter))
        (width ?AH1
            (MeasureFn 14.63 Meter))
        (height ?AH1
            (MeasureFn 4.44 Meter))
        (weight ?AH1
            (MeasureFn 4634.0 Kilogram))
        (effectiveRange ?AH1
            (MeasureFn 587.0 Kilometer))))
MilitaryDevices.kif 1900-1912
    (instance ?AIM9 AIM9)
        (length ?AIM9
            (MeasureFn 2.85 Meter))
        (width ?AIM9
            (MeasureFn 0.63 Meter))
        (height ?AIM9
            (MeasureFn 0.63 Meter))
        (weight ?AIM9
            (MeasureFn 91.0 Kilogram))
        (effectiveRange ?AIM9
            (MeasureFn 18.0 Kilometer))))
MilitaryDevices.kif 1189-1201
    (instance ?BGM71TOW BGM71TOW)
    (effectiveRange ?BGM71TOW
        (MeasureFn 3.0 Kilometer)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 862-865
    (instance ?CH46D CH46D)
        (length ?CH46D
            (MeasureFn 25.72 Meter))
        (width ?CH46D
            (MeasureFn 15.54 Meter))
        (height ?CH46D
            (MeasureFn 5.1 Meter))
        (weight ?CH46D
            (MeasureFn 7047.0 Kilogram))
        (effectiveRange ?CH46D
            (MeasureFn 676.0 Kilometer))))
MilitaryDevices.kif 1860-1872
    (instance ?CH53E CH53E)
        (length ?CH53E
            (MeasureFn 30.2 Meter))
        (width ?CH53E
            (MeasureFn 24.1 Meter))
        (height ?CH53E
            (MeasureFn 8.46 Meter))
        (weight ?CH53E
            (MeasureFn 15071.0 Kilogram))
        (effectiveRange ?CH53E
            (MeasureFn 2000.0 Kilometer))))
MilitaryDevices.kif 1788-1800
    (instance ?DragonWeapon DragonWeapon)
    (effectiveRange ?DragonWeapon
        (MeasureFn 1.0 Kilometer)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 714-717
    (instance ?Harrier Harrier2)
        (length ?Harrier
            (MeasureFn 14.1 Meter))
        (width ?Harrier
            (MeasureFn 9.2 Meter))
        (height ?Harrier
            (MeasureFn 3.5 Meter))
        (weight ?Harrier
            (MeasureFn 5700.0 Kilogram))
        (effectiveRange ?Harrier
            (MeasureFn 1000.0 Kilometer))))
MilitaryDevices.kif 1744-1756
    (instance ?JavelinWeapon JavelinWeapon)
    (effectiveRange ?JavelinWeapon
        (MeasureFn 1.5 Mile)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 773-776
    (instance ?LAV LAV25)
        (length ?LAV
            (MeasureFn 6.39 Meter))
        (width ?LAV
            (MeasureFn 2.5 Meter))
        (height ?LAV
            (MeasureFn 2.69 Meter))
        (weight ?LAV
            (MeasureFn 12802.8 Kilogram))
        (effectiveRange ?LAV
            (MeasureFn 660.1 Kilometer))))
MilitaryDevices.kif 1542-1554
    (instance ?LCAC LCAC)
        (length ?LCAC
            (MeasureFn 88.0 FootLength))
        (effectiveRange ?LCAC
            (MeasureFn 555.0 Kilometer))))
MilitaryDevices.kif 1967-1973
    (instance ?M240 M240)
    (effectiveRange ?M240
        (MeasureFn 1.8 Kilometer)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 405-408
    (instance ?M242 M242)
    (effectiveRange ?M242
        (MeasureFn 2.0 Kilometer)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 287-290
    (instance ?M2Browning M2Browning)
    (effectiveRange ?M2Browning
        (MeasureFn 2.0 Kilometer)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 509-512
    (instance ?M3M M3M)
    (effectiveRange ?M3M
        (MeasureFn 1.85 Kilometer)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 586-589
    (instance ?M60 M60)
    (effectiveRange ?M60
        (MeasureFn 1.1 Kilometer)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 445-448
    (instance ?MK19 MK19)
    (effectiveRange ?MK19
        (MeasureFn 1.6 Kilometer)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 648-651
    (instance ?SMAWBunkerBuster SMAWBunkerBuster)
    (effectiveRange ?SMAWBunkerBuster
        (MeasureFn 0.5 Kilometer)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 840-843
    (instance ?XM218 XM218)
    (effectiveRange ?XM218
        (MeasureFn 2.0 Kilometer)))
MilitaryDevices.kif 543-546

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