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Sigma KEE - UnitOfDuration

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation UnitOfDuration ChineseLanguage "这个 Class 所有的实例都是可以用 MeasureFn 来组成 TimeDuration 实例的 UnitOfMeasure。注: TimeDurationTimeMeasure 的一个 subclass。") chinese_format.kif 2431-2433
(documentation UnitOfDuration EnglishLanguage "Every instance of this Class is a UnitOfMeasure that can be used with MeasureFn to form instances of TimeDuration. Note that TimeDuration is a subclass of TimeMeasure.") Merge.kif 6341-6344
(documentation UnitOfDuration JapaneseLanguage "この Class のすべてのインスタンスは UnitOfMeasure で、MeasureFn と共に TimeDuration のインスタンスを形成するのに使用できる。 注:TimeDurationTimeMeasuresubclass である。") japanese_format.kif 1122-1124
(subclass UnitOfDuration NonCompositeUnitOfMeasure) Merge.kif 6339-6339

appearance as argument number 2

(instance CenturyDuration UnitOfDuration) Mid-level-ontology.kif 19007-19007
(instance DayDuration UnitOfDuration) Merge.kif 7083-7083
(instance DecadeDuration UnitOfDuration) Merge.kif 8755-8755
(instance HourDuration UnitOfDuration) Merge.kif 7091-7091
(instance MillenniumDuration UnitOfDuration) Mid-level-ontology.kif 13651-13651
(instance MinuteDuration UnitOfDuration) Merge.kif 7099-7099
(instance MonthDuration UnitOfDuration) Merge.kif 7116-7116
(instance SecondDuration UnitOfDuration) Merge.kif 6708-6708
(instance WeekDuration UnitOfDuration) Merge.kif 7107-7107
(instance YearDuration UnitOfDuration) Merge.kif 7134-7134
(termFormat EnglishLanguage UnitOfDuration "unit of duration") domainEnglishFormat.kif 65667-65667


            (MeasureFn ?NUMBER ?UNIT) ?QUANT)
        (instance ?UNIT UnitOfDuration))
    (instance ?QUANT TimeDuration))
Merge.kif 6400-6404
        (instance ?SF SpeakingAtAFasterRate)
        (instance ?SS SpeakingAtASlowerRate)
        (instance ?U UnitOfDuration)
        (agent ?SF ?A)
        (agent ?SS ?A)
        (containsInformation ?SF ?I)
        (containsInformation ?SS ?I)
            (WhenFn ?SF)
            (MeasureFn ?FAST ?U))
            (WhenFn ?SS)
            (MeasureFn ?SLOW ?U)))
    (greaterThan ?FAST ?SLOW))
emotion.kif 2016-2029
        (instance ?SS SpeakingAShortUtterance)
        (instance ?SL SpeakingALongUtterance)
        (instance ?U UnitOfDuration)
            (WhenFn ?SS)
            (MeasureFn ?D1 ?U))
            (WhenFn ?SL)
            (MeasureFn ?D2 ?U)))
    (greaterThan ?D2 ?D1))
emotion.kif 2104-2113
        (rentalPrice ?OBJ ?QUANT ?AGENT ?PS)
        (equal ?QUANT
            (PerFn ?PRICE
                (measure ?TIME ?U)))
        (instance ?U UnitOfDuration)
        (immediateInstance ?ITEM ?OBJ)
        (instance ?R Renting)
        (patient ?R ?ITEM)
        (agent ?R ?CUSTOMER)
        (time ?R ?TIMEINT))
    (forall (?X)
            (exists (?DURATION)
                    (during ?TIMEINT ?X)
                    (instance ?X TimeInterval)
                    (duration ?X
                        (MeasureFn ?DURATION ?U))
                    (lessThanOrEqualTo ?DURATION ?TIME)))
            (exists (?P)
                    (instance ?P Payment)
                    (destination ?P ?AGENT)
                    (agent ?P ?CUSTOMER)
                    (transactionAmount ?P ?PRICE))))))
Catalog.kif 467-492
        (topSpeed ?V
            (MeasureFn ?Q ?CU))
        (instance ?CU CompositeUnitOfMeasure)
        (instance ?UL UnitOfLength)
        (instance ?UD UnitOfDuration)
        (equal ?FASTPROB
                (measure ?V
                        (MeasureFn ?L1 ?UL)
                        (MeasureFn ?T1 ?UD)))))
        (equal ?SLOWPROB
                (measure ?V
                        (MeasureFn ?L2 ?UL)
                        (MeasureFn ?T2 ?UD)))))
            (SpeedFn ?L1 ?T1) ?Q)
        (greaterThan ?Q
            (SpeedFn ?L2 ?T2)))
    (greaterThan ?SLOWPROB ?FASTPROB))
Transportation.kif 1718-1736


        (subjectiveAttribute ?AGENT1 Quick ?PERSON)
        (subjectiveAttribute ?AGENT2 Slow ?PERSON)
        (instance ?PROCESS1 ?CLASS)
        (instance ?PROCESS2 ?CLASS)
        (subclass ?CLASS Process)
        (agent ?PROCESS1 ?AGENT1)
        (agent ?PROCESS2 ?AGENT2))
        (instance ?U UnitOfDuration)
            (WhenFn ?PROCESS1)
            (MeasureFn ?TIME1 ?U))
            (WhenFn ?PROCESS2)
            (MeasureFn ?TIME2 ?U))
        (greaterThan ?TIME2 ?TIME1)))
Dining.kif 1044-1059

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