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Sigma KEE - TransitSystem

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation TransitSystem EnglishLanguage "A TransitSystem is a system of interconnected Transitways over which some type(s) of vehicles or travellers may pass. In addition to Transitways, TransitSystems may also include TransitJunctions and TransitTerminals. Transit systems may be demarcated by where they are located (e.g., the rail system of Afghanistan), who owns or manages them (e.g., American Airlines TransitSystem of AirRoutes, or state highways managed by TexDOT), or the type of vehicles or travellers accommodated (e.g., the system of Santa Clara county bike trails.") Transportation.kif 2822-2830
(subclass TransitSystem PhysicalSystem) Transportation.kif 2821-2821

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass MultiModalTransitSystem TransitSystem) Transportation.kif 2893-2893
(subclass RailTransportationSystem TransitSystem) Transportation.kif 2070-2070
(subclass RoadTransportationSystem TransitSystem) Transportation.kif 2085-2085
(subclass UniModalTransitSystem TransitSystem) Transportation.kif 2888-2888
(subclass WaterTransportationSystem TransitSystem) Transportation.kif 2878-2878
(termFormat ChineseLanguage TransitSystem "运输系统") domainEnglishFormat.kif 58892-58892
(termFormat ChineseTraditionalLanguage TransitSystem "運輸系統") domainEnglishFormat.kif 58891-58891
(termFormat EnglishLanguage TransitSystem "transit system") domainEnglishFormat.kif 58890-58890

appearance as argument number 3

(domain pathInSystem 2 TransitSystem) Transportation.kif 2724-2724
(domain routeEnd 2 TransitSystem) Transportation.kif 2778-2778
(domain routeInSystem 2 TransitSystem) Transportation.kif 2744-2744
(domain routeStart 2 TransitSystem) Transportation.kif 2755-2755


        (instance ?SYSTEM TransitSystem)
        (systemPart ?PART ?SYSTEM))
    (instance ?PART Transitway))
Transportation.kif 2880-2884
        (instance ?TS TransitSystem)
        (instance ?T Transitway)
        (abstractCounterpart ?G ?TS)
        (systemPart ?T ?TS))
    (exists (?GA)
            (instance ?GA GraphArc)
            (abstractCounterpart ?GA ?T)
            (graphPart ?GA ?G))))
Transportation.kif 2846-2856
        (instance ?TS TransitSystem)
        (instance ?TJ TransitwayJunction)
        (abstractCounterpart ?G ?TS)
        (systemPart ?TJ ?TS))
    (exists (?GN)
            (instance ?GN GraphNode)
            (abstractCounterpart ?GN ?TJ)
            (graphPart ?GN ?G))))
Transportation.kif 2858-2868
    (instance ?SYSTEM TransitSystem)
    (exists (?ROUTE)
            (instance ?ROUTE Transitway)
            (part ?ROUTE ?SYSTEM))))
Transportation.kif 2832-2837
    (instance ?TS TransitSystem)
    (exists (?G)
            (instance ?G Graph)
            (abstractCounterpart ?G ?TS))))
Transportation.kif 2839-2844

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