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Sigma KEE - FourStrokeEngine

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation FourStrokeEngine EnglishLanguage "InternalCombustionEngines based on the four-stroke (Otto cycle) have one power stroke for every four strokes (up-down-up-down) and employ spark plug ignition. Combustion occurs rapidly, and during combustion the volume varies little (constant volume). They are used in cars, larger boats, some motorcycles, and many light aircraft. They are generally quieter, more efficient, and larger than their TwoStrokeEngine counterparts. [from Wikipedia]") Cars.kif 99-105
(externalImage FourStrokeEngine " d/ dc/ 4StrokeEngine_Ortho_3D_Small.gif") Cars.kif 97-97
(subclass FourStrokeEngine IntermittentCombustionEngine) Cars.kif 96-96

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage FourStrokeEngine "four stroke engine") Cars.kif 98-98
(typicalPart ExhaustValve FourStrokeEngine) Cars.kif 2662-2662
(typicalPart IntakeValve FourStrokeEngine) Cars.kif 2687-2687
(typicalPart PositiveCrankcaseVentilationValve FourStrokeEngine) Cars.kif 3819-3819
(typicalPart RockerArm FourStrokeEngine) Cars.kif 3844-3844
(typicallyContainsPart ExhaustValve FourStrokeEngine) Cars.kif 2663-2663
(typicallyContainsPart IntakeValve FourStrokeEngine) Cars.kif 2688-2688
(typicallyContainsPart RockerArm FourStrokeEngine) Cars.kif 3845-3845


    (instance ?FSE FourStrokeEngine)
    (exists (?C)
            (instance ?C EngineCylinder)
            (part ?C ?FSE))))
Cars.kif 107-112
    (instance ?FSE FourStrokeEngine)
    (hasPurpose ?FSE
        (exists (?I ?CM ?CB ?E ?I2)
                (instance ?I FourStrokeIntake)
                (instance ?CM FourStrokeCompression)
                (instance ?CB FourStrokeCombustion)
                (instance ?E FourStrokeExhaust)
                (instance ?I2 FourStrokeIntake)
                (eventLocated ?I ?FSE)
                (eventLocated ?CM ?FSE)
                (eventLocated ?CB ?FSE)
                (eventLocated ?E ?FSE)
                (eventLocated ?I2 ?FSE)
                (meetsTemporally ?I ?CM)
                (meetsTemporally ?CM ?CB)
                (meetsTemporally ?CB ?E)
                (meetsTemporally ?E ?I2)))))
Cars.kif 114-132


    (instance ?F FourStrokeEngineCycle)
    (exists (?E)
            (instance ?E FourStrokeEngine)
            (eventLocated ?F ?E))))
Cars.kif 140-145
    (instance ?RA RockerArm)
    (hasPurpose ?RA
        (exists (?P1 ?C ?P2 ?V ?O ?FSE)
                (instance ?P1 Pushing)
                (instance ?C Cam)
                (instance ?P2 Pushing)
                (instance ?V Valve)
                (instance ?O Opening)
                (instance ?FSE FourStrokeEngine)
                (part ?RA ?FSE)
                (part ?C ?FSE)
                (part ?V ?FSE)
                (instrument ?P1 ?C)
                (destination ?P1 ?RA)
                (instrument ?P2 ?RA)
                (destination ?P2 ?V)
                (causes ?P1 ?P2)
                (causes ?P2 ?O)
                (patient ?O ?V)))))
Cars.kif 3847-3867

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