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Sigma KEE - FoodFromPlant

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation FoodFromPlant EnglishLanguage "FoodFromPlant is the class of Food which are derived from the whole or part of Plants.") Food.kif 295-296
(subclass FoodFromPlant Food) Food.kif 294-294

appearance as argument number 2

(disjoint Meat FoodFromPlant) Food.kif 292-292
(subclass CerealStarch FoodFromPlant) Economy.kif 4307-4307
(subclass CoffeeBean FoodFromPlant) Economy.kif 4625-4625
(subclass CoffeeGrind FoodFromPlant) Food.kif 1029-1029
(subclass EdibleNut FoodFromPlant) Economy.kif 4469-4469
(subclass Flour FoodFromPlant) Food.kif 1470-1470
(subclass Grain FoodFromPlant) Economy.kif 4149-4149
(subclass Raisin FoodFromPlant) Food.kif 3323-3323
(subclass RootStarch FoodFromPlant) Economy.kif 4312-4312
(subclass Spice FoodFromPlant) Economy.kif 4360-4360
(subclass Tofu FoodFromPlant) Food.kif 3509-3509
(subclass VegetableOil FoodFromPlant) Economy.kif 4556-4556
(termFormat EnglishLanguage FoodFromPlant "food from plant") Food.kif 297-297


        (subclass ?S Mixture)
        (initialPart ?S Meat)
        (initialPart ?S FoodFromPlant)
        (initialPart ?S DrinkingWater))
    (equal ?S SoupStock))
Food.kif 1633-1639
    (instance ?X FoodFromPlant)
    (exists (?P ?CLASS)
            (instance ?P
                (DeadFn ?CLASS))
            (part ?X ?P)
            (subclass ?CLASS Plant))))
Food.kif 299-306

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