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Sigma KEE - Carnitine

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(documentation Carnitine EnglishLanguage "Carnitine is a quaternary ammonium compound involved in metabolism in most Mammals, Plants, and some Bacteria. In support of energy metabolism, carnitine transports long-chain fatty acids into mitochondria to be oxidized for energy production, and also participates in removing products of metabolism from cells. Given its key metabolic roles, carnitine is concentrated in tissues like skeletal and cardiac muscle that metabolize fatty acids as an energy source. Healthy individuals, including strict vegetarians, synthesize enough L-carnitine in vivo to not require supplementation.[from Wikipedia]") Medicine.kif 4293-4302
(subclass Carnitine BiologicallyActiveSubstance) Medicine.kif 4291-4291

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(subclass AcetylLCarnitine Carnitine) Medicine.kif 4305-4305
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Carnitine "carnitine") Medicine.kif 4303-4303

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