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Sigma KEE - AutomobileExhaustSystem

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AutomobileExhaustSystem EnglishLanguage "A part of an Automobile that handles the venting of Exhaust from the Engine. It typically includes an exhaust manifold, AutomobileMuffler and Tailpipe. Modern engines may also include a CatalyticConverter and exhaust recirculation hoses and controls.") Cars.kif 2607-2611
(subclass AutomobileExhaustSystem PhysicalSystem) Cars.kif 2605-2605

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage AutomobileExhaustSystem "exhaust system") Cars.kif 2606-2606
(typicalPart CatalyticConverter AutomobileExhaustSystem) Cars.kif 1714-1714
(typicalPart ExhaustManifold AutomobileExhaustSystem) Cars.kif 2626-2626
(typicalPart Tailpipe AutomobileExhaustSystem) Cars.kif 4031-4031
(typicallyContainsPart CatalyticConverter AutomobileExhaustSystem) Cars.kif 1715-1715
(typicallyContainsPart ExhaustManifold AutomobileExhaustSystem) Cars.kif 2627-2627
(typicallyContainsPart Tailpipe AutomobileExhaustSystem) Cars.kif 4032-4032


        (instance ?T Tailpipe)
        (instance ?TR Transfer)
        (instance ?E Exhaust)
        (instance ?A Automobile)
        (instance ?AES AutomobileExhaustSystem)
        (part ?T ?A)
        (path ?TR ?T)
        (patient ?TR ?E))
    (hasPurpose ?T
            (exists (?O)
                    (part ?O ?A)
                    (beforeOnPath ?T ?O ?AES ?TR))))))
Cars.kif 4046-4061

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