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Sigma KEE - AntilockBrake

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation AntilockBrake EnglishLanguage "A VehicleBrake with an electronic component that reduces the likelihood of locking up the wheels during a sudden stop. If the wheels stop turning, the controller reduces pressure on the brakes until they begin turning again, then alternates application and reduction of braking pressure in short intervals. The goal is to keep the wheels at as near as possible the point of transition between dynamic or sliding friction and the point of static friction (at which the stopping force is greater).") Cars.kif 1284-1290
(subclass AntilockBrake VehicleBrake) Cars.kif 1282-1282

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage AntilockBrake "antilock brake") Cars.kif 1283-1283


        (instance ?T Transportation)
        (instance ?W Wheel)
        (instance ?A Automobile)
        (part ?W ?A)
        (instrument ?T ?A)
        (instance ?AB AntilockBrake)
        (instance ?D Decelerating)
        (instrument ?D ?AB)
        (part ?AB ?W))
    (hasPurpose ?AB
        (exists (?R)
                (instance ?R Rotating)
                (during ?R ?D)))))
Cars.kif 1292-1307

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