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Sigma KEE - newRegisteredUsers

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation newRegisteredUsers EnglishLanguage "(newRegisteredUsers ?INT ?SITE ?COLL) means that ?COLL is the Collection of Agents who are registeredUsers of the WebSite ?SITE during some TimeInterval during the TimeInterval ?INT, but were not during an earlier TimeInterval.") UXExperimentalTerms.kif 3829-3831
(domain newRegisteredUsers 1 TimeInterval) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 3821-3821 domain newRegisteredUsers, 1 and TimeInterval
(domain newRegisteredUsers 2 WebSite) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 3823-3823 domain newRegisteredUsers, 2 and WebSite
(domain newRegisteredUsers 3 Collection) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 3825-3825 domain newRegisteredUsers, 3 and Collection
(instance newRegisteredUsers TernaryPredicate) UXExperimentalTerms.kif 3819-3819 instance newRegisteredUsers and TernaryPredicate

appearance as argument number 2

(format ChineseLanguage newRegisteredUsers "%3 的成员有 registered 对于 %2 在期间 %1 ") domainEnglishFormat.kif 3979-3979
(format ChineseTraditionalLanguage newRegisteredUsers "%3 的成員有 registered 對於 %2 在期間 %1 ") domainEnglishFormat.kif 3978-3978
(format EnglishLanguage newRegisteredUsers "members of %3 have registered for %2 during %1") domainEnglishFormat.kif 3977-3977
(termFormat EnglishLanguage newRegisteredUsers "new registered users") UXExperimentalTerms.kif 3827-3827


        (newRegisteredUsers ?INT ?SITE ?COLL)
        (member ?MEMBER ?COLL))
    (exists (?DURING)
            (instance ?DURING TimeInterval)
            (during ?DURING ?INT)
            (holdsDuring ?DURING
                (registeredUser ?MEMBER ?SITE)))))
UXExperimentalTerms.kif 3839-3848
        (newRegisteredUsers ?INT ?SITE ?COLL)
        (member ?MEMBER ?COLL))
    (instance ?MEMBER Agent))
UXExperimentalTerms.kif 3833-3837
        (newRegisteredUsers ?INT1 ?SITE ?COLL)
        (member ?MEMBER ?COLL))
        (exists (?INT2)
                (instance ?INT2 TimeInterval)
                (earlier ?INT2 ?INT1)
                (holdsDuring ?INT2
                    (registeredUser ?MEMBER ?SITE))))))
UXExperimentalTerms.kif 3850-3860

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