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Sigma KEE - MechanicalJoint

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation MechanicalJoint EnglishLanguage "A Device that links two parts of a PhysicalSystem and allows them to move in relation to one another. Examples include Hinges, drawer slides and BallJoints.") Cars.kif 1378-1379
(subclass MechanicalJoint EngineeringComponent) Cars.kif 1376-1376 subclass MechanicalJoint and EngineeringComponent

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass BallJoint MechanicalJoint) Cars.kif 1364-1364 subclass BallJoint and MechanicalJoint
(subclass Bearing MechanicalJoint) Cars.kif 1399-1399 subclass Bearing and MechanicalJoint
(subclass CVJoint MechanicalJoint) Cars.kif 2107-2107 subclass CVJoint and MechanicalJoint
(subclass Hinge MechanicalJoint) Cars.kif 1374-1374 subclass Hinge and MechanicalJoint
(subclass UniversalJoint MechanicalJoint) Cars.kif 4232-4232 subclass UniversalJoint and MechanicalJoint
(termFormat EnglishLanguage MechanicalJoint "mechanical joint") Cars.kif 1377-1377


    (instance ?MJ MechanicalJoint)
    (hasPurpose ?MJ
        (exists (?S ?P1 ?P2 ?M)
                (instance ?M Motion)
                (instance ?S PhysicalSystem)
                (instance ?P1 EngineeringComponent)
                (instance ?P2 EngineeringComponent)
                (part ?P1 PhysicalSystem)
                (part ?MJ PhysicalSystem)
                (part ?P2 PhysicalSystem)
                    (patient ?M ?P1))
                (patient ?M ?P2)
                (connectedEngineeringComponents ?P1 ?MJ)
                (connectedEngineeringComponents ?P2 ?MJ)))))
Cars.kif 1381-1397

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