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Sigma KEE - March

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation March ChineseLanguage "这是所有三月 MonthClass。") chinese_format.kif 2797-2797
(documentation March EnglishLanguage "The Class of all Months which are March.") Merge.kif 9088-9088
(documentation March JapaneseLanguage "3月のすべての MonthClass。") japanese_format.kif 1538-1538
(externalImage March "") pictureList.kif 4928-4928
(subclass March Month) Merge.kif 9086-9086 3月subclass では %n
(successorClass March April) Merge.kif 9026-9026 successorClass 3月 and 4月

appearance as argument number 2

(successorClass February March) Merge.kif 9025-9025 successorClass 2月 and 3月
(termFormat ChineseLanguage March "三月") chinese_format.kif 1279-1279
(termFormat EnglishLanguage March "March") english_format.kif 1775-1775
(termFormat FrenchLanguage March "Mars") french_format.kif 957-957
(termFormat Hindi March "maarcha") terms-hindi.txt 492-492
(termFormat ItalianLanguage March "Marzo") terms-it.txt 496-496
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage March "3月") japanese_format.kif 2641-2641
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage March "Marco") portuguese_format.kif 909-909
(termFormat cb March "marso") terms-cb.txt 498-498
(termFormat cz March "march") terms-cz.txt 532-532
(termFormat ro March "martie") relations-ro.kif 978-978
(termFormat tg March "Marso") terms-tg.txt 497-497


        (instance ?MONTH1
            (MonthFn February ?YEAR))
        (instance ?MONTH2
            (MonthFn March ?YEAR)))
    (meetsTemporally ?MONTH1 ?MONTH2))
Merge.kif 9080-9084
        (instance ?MONTH1
            (MonthFn March ?YEAR))
        (instance ?MONTH2
            (MonthFn April ?YEAR)))
    (meetsTemporally ?MONTH1 ?MONTH2))
Merge.kif 9094-9098
    (instance ?MONTH March)
    (duration ?MONTH
        (MeasureFn 31 DayDuration)))
Merge.kif 9090-9092


        (instance ?D EasterSunday)
        (temporalPart ?D ?M)
        (instance ?M Month))
        (instance ?M March)
        (instance ?M April)
        (instance ?M May)))
Media.kif 498-506


(dateDissolved CoordinatingCommitteeOnExportControls
    (DayFn 31
        (MonthFn March
            (YearFn 1994))))
Government.kif 2994-2994 dateDissolved CoordinatingCommitteeOnExportControls and 31 day
(dateDissolved UnitedNationsPreventiveDeploymentForce
    (DayFn 25
        (MonthFn March
            (YearFn 1999))))
Government.kif 4145-4145 dateDissolved UnitedNationsPreventiveDeploymentForce and 25 day
(dateEstablished AgencyForTheFrenchSpeakingCommunity
    (DayFn 20
        (MonthFn March
            (YearFn 1970))))
Government.kif 2771-2771 dateEstablished AgencyForTheFrenchSpeakingCommunity and 20 day
(dateEstablished ArabLeague
    (DayFn 22
        (MonthFn March
            (YearFn 1945))))
Government.kif 2833-2833 dateEstablished ArabLeague and 22 day
(dateEstablished CouncilOfTheBalticSeaStates
    (DayFn 6
        (MonthFn March
            (YearFn 1992))))
Government.kif 3035-3035 dateEstablished CouncilOfTheBalticSeaStates and 6 day
(dateEstablished EuropeanInvestmentBank
    (DayFn 25
        (MonthFn March
            (YearFn 1957))))
Government.kif 3189-3189 dateEstablished EuropeanInvestmentBank and 25 day
(dateEstablished InterGovernmentalAuthorityOnDevelopment
    (DayFn 21
        (MonthFn March
            (YearFn 1996))))
Government.kif 3394-3394 dateEstablished InterGovernmentalAuthorityOnDevelopment and 21 day
(dateEstablished InternationalMaritimeOrganization
    (DayFn 6
        (MonthFn March
            (YearFn 1948))))
Government.kif 3555-3555 dateEstablished InternationalMaritimeOrganization and 6 day
(dateEstablished NordicCouncil
    (DayFn 16
        (MonthFn March
            (YearFn 1952))))
Government.kif 3667-3667 dateEstablished NordicCouncil and 16 day
(dateEstablished SouthernConeCommonMarket
    (DayFn 26
        (MonthFn March
            (YearFn 1991))))
Government.kif 3866-3866 dateEstablished SouthernConeCommonMarket and 26 day
(dateEstablished UnitedNationsInterimForceInLebanon
    (DayFn 19
        (MonthFn March
            (YearFn 1978))))
Government.kif 4047-4047 dateEstablished UnitedNationsInterimForceInLebanon and 19 day
(dateEstablished UnitedNationsPeaceKeepingForceInCyprus
    (DayFn 4
        (MonthFn March
            (YearFn 1964))))
Government.kif 4129-4129 dateEstablished UnitedNationsPeaceKeepingForceInCyprus and 4 day
(dateEstablished UnitedNationsPreventiveDeploymentForce
    (DayFn 31
        (MonthFn March
            (YearFn 1995))))
Government.kif 4143-4143 dateEstablished UnitedNationsPreventiveDeploymentForce and 31 day
(equal SpringSeason
    (RecurrentTimeIntervalFn March May))
Geography.kif 1664-1664 SpringSeason は the recurring period from 3月 to 5月equal では %n

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