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Sigma KEE - January

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation January ChineseLanguage "这是所有一月 MonthClass。") chinese_format.kif 2795-2795
(documentation January EnglishLanguage "The Class of all Months which are January.") Merge.kif 9050-9050
(documentation January JapaneseLanguage "1月のすべての MonthClass。") japanese_format.kif 1536-1536
(externalImage January " f6/ Ice_fishing-Lake_Harriet-2007-01-20.jpg") pictureList.kif 4897-4897
(subclass January Month) Merge.kif 9048-9048 1月subclass では %n
(successorClass January February) Merge.kif 9024-9024 successorClass 1月 and 2月

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat ChineseLanguage January "一月") chinese_format.kif 1277-1277
(termFormat EnglishLanguage January "January") english_format.kif 1771-1771
(termFormat FrenchLanguage January "Janvier") french_format.kif 955-955
(termFormat Hindi January "janavarI") terms-hindi.txt 490-490
(termFormat ItalianLanguage January "Gennaio") terms-it.txt 494-494
(termFormat JapaneseLanguage January "1月") japanese_format.kif 2639-2639
(termFormat PortugueseLanguage January "Janeiro") portuguese_format.kif 907-907
(termFormat cb January "enero") terms-cb.txt 496-496
(termFormat cz January "january") terms-cz.txt 530-530
(termFormat ro January "ianuarie") relations-ro.kif 976-976
(termFormat tg January "Enero") terms-tg.txt 495-495


        (instance ?MONTH1
            (MonthFn December ?YEAR1))
        (instance ?MONTH2
            (MonthFn January ?YEAR2))
        (instance ?Y1 ?YEAR1)
        (instance ?Y2 ?YEAR2)
        (meetsTemporally ?Y1 ?Y2))
    (meetsTemporally ?MONTH1 ?MONTH2))
Merge.kif 9221-9228
        (instance ?MONTH1
            (MonthFn January ?YEAR))
        (instance ?MONTH2
            (MonthFn February ?YEAR)))
    (meetsTemporally ?MONTH1 ?MONTH2))
Merge.kif 9056-9060
    (instance ?MONTH January)
    (duration ?MONTH
        (MeasureFn 31 DayDuration)))
Merge.kif 9052-9054


    (instance ?CES ConsumerElectronicsShow)
    (exists (?J)
            (instance ?J January)
            (during ?CES ?J))))
ComputingBrands.kif 2391-2396


(dateDissolved CouncilForMutualEconomicAssistance
    (DayFn 1
        (MonthFn January
            (YearFn 1991))))
Government.kif 3009-3009 dateDissolved CouncilForMutualEconomicAssistance and 1 day
(dateEstablished BankForInternationalSettlements
    (DayFn 20
        (MonthFn January
            (YearFn 1930))))
Government.kif 2895-2895 dateEstablished BankForInternationalSettlements and 20 day
(dateEstablished CouncilForMutualEconomicAssistance
    (DayFn 25
        (MonthFn January
            (YearFn 1949))))
Government.kif 3008-3008 dateEstablished CouncilForMutualEconomicAssistance and 25 day
(dateEstablished EconomicCooperationOrganization
    (MonthFn January
        (YearFn 1985)))
Government.kif 3146-3146 dateEstablished EconomicCooperationOrganization and 1月 month
(dateEstablished EuropeanFreeTradeAssociation
    (DayFn 4
        (MonthFn January
            (YearFn 1960))))
Government.kif 3183-3183 dateEstablished EuropeanFreeTradeAssociation and 4 day
(dateEstablished InternationalDevelopmentAssociation
    (DayFn 26
        (MonthFn January
            (YearFn 1960))))
Government.kif 3489-3489 dateEstablished InternationalDevelopmentAssociation and 26 day
(dateEstablished OrganizationForSecurityAndCooperationInEurope
    (DayFn 1
        (MonthFn January
            (YearFn 1995))))
Government.kif 3714-3714 dateEstablished OrganizationForSecurityAndCooperationInEurope and 1 day
(dateEstablished OrganizationOfArabPetroleumExportingCountries
    (DayFn 9
        (MonthFn January
            (YearFn 1968))))
Government.kif 3765-3765 dateEstablished OrganizationOfArabPetroleumExportingCountries and 9 day
(dateEstablished PartnershipForPeace
    (DayFn 11
        (MonthFn January
            (YearFn 1994))))
Government.kif 3808-3808 dateEstablished PartnershipForPeace and 11 day
(dateEstablished UnitedNationsMilitaryObserverGroupInIndiaAndPakistan
    (DayFn 24
        (MonthFn January
            (YearFn 1949))))
Government.kif 4060-4060 dateEstablished UnitedNationsMilitaryObserverGroupInIndiaAndPakistan and 24 day
(dateEstablished WorldTourismOrganization
    (DayFn 2
        (MonthFn January
            (YearFn 1975))))
Government.kif 4368-4368 dateEstablished WorldTourismOrganization and 2 day
(equal UnixEpoch
    (SecondFn 0
        (MinuteFn 0
            (HourFn 0
                (DayFn 1
                    (MonthFn January
                        (YearFn 1970)))))))
QoSontology.kif 2143-2143 UnixEpoch は 0 second 目 と equal では %n
(subclass Epiphany
    (DayFn 6 January))
Media.kif 517-517 Epiphany は 6 day 目 の subclass では %n

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