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Sigma KEE - Hardwood

appearance as argument number 1

(disjoint Hardwood Softwood) Economy.kif 5280-5280 HardwoodSoftwooddisjoint では %n
(documentation Hardwood EnglishLanguage "Hardwood comes from the stems or tree trunks of dicot trees. In temperate and boreal latitudes, they are mostly DeciduousTrees.") Economy.kif 5281-5282
(partition Hardwood Softwood) Economy.kif 5279-5279 HardwoodSoftwoodexhaustively partitioned %n
(subclass Hardwood WoodProduct) Economy.kif 5278-5278 HardwoodWoodProductsubclass では %n

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass BalsaWood Hardwood) Economy.kif 5293-5293 BalsaWoodHardwoodsubclass では %n
(subclass BeechWood Hardwood) Economy.kif 5303-5303 BeechWoodHardwoodsubclass では %n
(subclass BirchWood Hardwood) Economy.kif 5313-5313 BirchWoodHardwoodsubclass では %n
(subclass CherryWood Hardwood) Economy.kif 5323-5323 CherryWoodHardwoodsubclass では %n
(subclass MapleWood Hardwood) Economy.kif 5335-5335 MapleWoodHardwoodsubclass では %n
(subclass OkoumeWood Hardwood) Economy.kif 5345-5345 OkoumeWoodHardwoodsubclass では %n
(subclass PoplarWood Hardwood) Economy.kif 5355-5355 PoplarWoodHardwoodsubclass では %n
(subclass RedOakWood Hardwood) Economy.kif 5365-5365 RedOakWoodHardwoodsubclass では %n
(subclass SapeleWood Hardwood) Economy.kif 5375-5375 SapeleWoodHardwoodsubclass では %n
(subclass WalnutWood Hardwood) Economy.kif 5385-5385 WalnutWoodHardwoodsubclass では %n
(subclass WhiteOakWood Hardwood) Economy.kif 5395-5395 WhiteOakWoodHardwoodsubclass では %n
(termFormat EnglishLanguage Hardwood "hardwood") domainEnglishFormat.kif 64967-64967


        (equal ?W
            (OrganicObjectFn ?S))
        (subclass ?W Hardwood)
        (subclass ?S PlantStem))
        (initialPart ?S DeciduousTree) Likely))
Economy.kif 5284-5291

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