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Sigma KEE - FlatWhite

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation FlatWhite EnglishLanguage "A FlatWhite is a variation of Milkfoam and Espresso Mixture. It is typically made with 1 shot of Espresso with 5 part of foamed milk, so a standard 30ml of espresso with 150ml of milk, giving a 180ml of capuucino.The thickness of milk foam on the top varies between 1 to 20 mm. The main difference betwen a flat white and a cappuccino is that the milkfoam in a flat white is wet foam and that the milkfoam is mixed with the crema of the espresso. [Wikipedia]") Food.kif 1335-1340
(subclass FlatWhite Coffee) Food.kif 1334-1334 FlatWhiteCoffeesubclass では %n

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage FlatWhite "flat white") Food.kif 1341-1341


        (instance ?C FlatWhite)
        (part ?E ?C)
        (part ?M ?C)
        (instance ?E Espresso)
        (instance ?M MilkFoam)
        (mixtureRatio ?E ?M ?V1 ?V2 Liter)
        (part ?B ?M)
        (part ?B ?E)
        (top ?B ?M)
        (instance ?B Bubble)
        (measure ?B
            (MeasureFn ?L Millimeter)))
        (approximateValue ?V1 0.03)
        (approximateValue ?V2 0.15)
        (greaterThanOrEqualTo ?L 1.0)
        (lessThanOrEqualTo ?L 20.0)))
Food.kif 1367-1385
        (instance ?F FlatWhite)
        (part ?B ?F)
        (instance ?B Bubble))
    (attribute ?B Brown))
Food.kif 1360-1365
    (instance ?F FlatWhite)
        (material MilkFoam ?F)
        (material Espresso ?F)))
Food.kif 1343-1347
    (instance ?F FlatWhite)
    (exists (?E ?M ?P)
            (instance ?E Espresso)
            (instance ?M MilkFoam)
            (instance ?P Pouring)
            (patient ?P ?M)
            (destination ?P ?E)
            (result ?P ?F))))
Food.kif 1349-1358

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