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Sigma KEE - DeciduousTree

appearance as argument number 1

(disjoint DeciduousTree EvergreenTree) Geography.kif 6389-6389 DeciduousTreeEvergreenTreedisjoint では %n
(documentation DeciduousTree EnglishLanguage "DeciduousTrees shed their PlantLeaf(ves) annually.") Geography.kif 6390-6391
(subclass DeciduousTree BotanicalTree) Geography.kif 6388-6388 DeciduousTreeBotanicalTreesubclass では %n

appearance as argument number 2

(subclass AspenTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6519-6519 AspenTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass BalsaTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6479-6479 BalsaTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass BeechTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6484-6484 BeechTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass BirchTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6489-6489 BirchTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass BlackCherryTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6494-6494 BlackCherryTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass CottonwoodTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6516-6516 CottonwoodTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass MapleTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6503-6503 MapleTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass OkoumeTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6507-6507 OkoumeTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass PoplarTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6512-6512 PoplarTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass RedOakTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6522-6522 RedOakTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass SapeleTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6526-6526 SapeleTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass SweetCherryTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6499-6499 SweetCherryTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass WalnutTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6531-6531 WalnutTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass WhiteOakTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6536-6536 WhiteOakTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(subclass WillowTree DeciduousTree) Geography.kif 6541-6541 WillowTreeDeciduousTreesubclass では %n
(termFormat EnglishLanguage DeciduousTree "deciduous tree") domainEnglishFormat.kif 64750-64750


        (sheddingLeaves ?T ?L)
        (instance ?T DeciduousTree)
        (instance ?L PlantLeaf))
    (exists (?SHED ?S)
            (subclass ?SHED Removing)
            (frequency ?SHED YearDuration)
            (instance ?S ?SHED)
            (origin ?S ?T)
            (patient ?S ?L))))
Geography.kif 6393-6404


        (equal ?W
            (OrganicObjectFn ?S))
        (subclass ?W Hardwood)
        (subclass ?S PlantStem))
        (initialPart ?S DeciduousTree) Likely))
Economy.kif 5284-5291
    (equal ?P
        (PlantFn Apple))
    (subclass ?P DeciduousTree))
Food.kif 2184-2186

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