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Sigma KEE - CommonWheatGrain

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation CommonWheatGrain EnglishLanguage "CommonWheatGrain is the seed of (T.aestivum). Bread wheat is an allohexaploid – a combination of six sets of chromosomes from different species. Of the six sets of chromosomes, four come from emmer (Triticum turgidum, itself a tetraploid) and two from Aegilops tauschii (a wild diploid goatgrass). [wikiepedia]") Economy.kif 4060-4063
(subclass CommonWheatGrain WheatGrain) Economy.kif 4059-4059 CommonWheatGrainWheatGrainsubclass では %n

appearance as argument number 2

(initialPart CommonWheatFlour CommonWheatGrain) Food.kif 1507-1507 initialPart CommonWheatFlour and CommonWheatGrain
(termFormat EnglishLanguage CommonWheatGrain "common wheat grain") Economy.kif 4064-4064


    (equal ?X
        (PlantFn CommonWheatGrain))
    (subclass ?X CommonWheatGrass))
Economy.kif 4066-4069
    (instance ?WF
        (OrganicObjectFn CommonWheatGrain))
    (instance ?WF CommonWheatFlour))
Food.kif 1508-1510

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