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Sigma KEE - BodySideFn

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation BodySideFn EnglishLanguage "A Function that takes a BodyPart that normally exists in pairs and returns the part that is on the given side of the body, for example (BodyPartFn Right Lung) or (BodyPartFn Left Arm).") Merge.kif 14974-14976
(domain BodySideFn 1 AntiSymmetricPositionalAttribute) Merge.kif 14971-14971 BodySideFn の数値 1 引数は AntiSymmetricPositionalAttributeinstance では %n
(domainSubclass BodySideFn 2 BodyPart) Merge.kif 14972-14972 BodySideFn の数値 2 引数は 体の部分subclass では %n
(instance BodySideFn BinaryFunction) Merge.kif 14970-14970 BodySideFn2変数関数instance では %n
(rangeSubclass BodySideFn BodyPart) Merge.kif 14973-14973 BodySideFn が返す値は 体の部分subclasses では %n

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage BodySideFn "the %1 %2") Merge.kif 14977-14977
(termFormat EnglishLanguage BodySideFn "Body side fn") domainEnglishFormat.kif 64553-64553


        (instance ?A Animal)
        (instance ?P
            (BodySideFn ?S ?BPC))
        (contraryAttribute ?S ?SO)
        (attribute ?A Healthy))
    (exists (?PO)
            (instance ?PO
                (BodySideFn ?SO ?BPC))
            (orientation ?P ?PO ?S))))
Merge.kif 14979-14990
    (instance ?X
        (BodySideFn ?S ?P))
    (instance ?X ?P))
Merge.kif 14992-14994


        (instance ?A Animal)
        (instance ?P
            (BodySideFn ?S ?BPC))
        (contraryAttribute ?S ?SO)
        (attribute ?A Healthy))
    (exists (?PO)
            (instance ?PO
                (BodySideFn ?SO ?BPC))
            (orientation ?P ?PO ?S))))
Merge.kif 14979-14990


(subclass LeftArm
    (BodySideFn Left Arm))
Medicine.kif 2858-2858 LeftArmBodySideFn Left and Armsubclass では %n
(subclass LeftEar
    (BodySideFn Left Ear))
Medicine.kif 2876-2876 LeftEarBodySideFn Left and Earsubclass では %n
(subclass LeftElbow
    (BodySideFn Left Elbow))
Medicine.kif 2864-2864 LeftElbowBodySideFn Left and Elbowsubclass では %n
(subclass LeftEye
    (BodySideFn Left Eye))
Medicine.kif 2882-2882 LeftEyeBodySideFn Left and Eyesubclass では %n
(subclass LeftFoot
    (BodySideFn Left Foot))
Medicine.kif 2924-2924 LeftFootBodySideFn Left and Footsubclass では %n
(subclass LeftHand
    (BodySideFn Left Hand))
Medicine.kif 2888-2888 LeftHandBodySideFn Left and Handsubclass では %n
(subclass LeftHip
    (BodySideFn Left Hip))
Medicine.kif 2918-2918 LeftHipBodySideFn Left and Hipsubclass では %n
(subclass LeftKidney
    (BodySideFn Left Kidney))
Medicine.kif 2900-2900 LeftKidneyBodySideFn Left and Kidneysubclass では %n
(subclass LeftKnee
    (BodySideFn Left Knee))
Medicine.kif 2912-2912 LeftKneeBodySideFn Left and Kneesubclass では %n
(subclass LeftLeg
    (BodySideFn Left Leg))
Medicine.kif 2906-2906 LeftLegBodySideFn Left and Legsubclass では %n
(subclass LeftLung
    (BodySideFn Left Lung))
Medicine.kif 2894-2894 LeftLungBodySideFn Left and Lungsubclass では %n
(subclass LeftShoulder
    (BodySideFn Left Shoulder))
Medicine.kif 2870-2870 LeftShoulderBodySideFn Left and Shouldersubclass では %n
(subclass LeftThigh
        (BodySideFn Left ThighMuscle)))
Medicine.kif 2930-2930 LeftThighBodyAreaFn BodySideFn Left and ThighMusclesubclass では %n
(subclass RightArm
    (BodySideFn Right Arm))
Medicine.kif 2861-2861 RightArmBodySideFn Right and Armsubclass では %n
(subclass RightEar
    (BodySideFn Right Ear))
Medicine.kif 2879-2879 RightEarBodySideFn Right and Earsubclass では %n
(subclass RightElbow
    (BodySideFn Right Elbow))
Medicine.kif 2867-2867 RightElbowBodySideFn Right and Elbowsubclass では %n
(subclass RightElbow
    (BodySideFn Right Shoulder))
Medicine.kif 2873-2873 RightElbowBodySideFn Right and Shouldersubclass では %n
(subclass RightEye
    (BodySideFn Right Eye))
Medicine.kif 2885-2885 RightEyeBodySideFn Right and Eyesubclass では %n
(subclass RightFoot
    (BodySideFn Right Foot))
Medicine.kif 2927-2927 RightFootBodySideFn Right and Footsubclass では %n
(subclass RightHand
    (BodySideFn Right Hand))
Medicine.kif 2891-2891 RightHandBodySideFn Right and Handsubclass では %n
(subclass RightHip
    (BodySideFn Right Hip))
Medicine.kif 2921-2921 RightHipBodySideFn Right and Hipsubclass では %n
(subclass RightKidney
    (BodySideFn Right Kidney))
Medicine.kif 2903-2903 RightKidneyBodySideFn Right and Kidneysubclass では %n
(subclass RightKnee
    (BodySideFn Right Knee))
Medicine.kif 2915-2915 RightKneeBodySideFn Right and Kneesubclass では %n
(subclass RightLeg
    (BodySideFn Right Leg))
Medicine.kif 2909-2909 RightLegBodySideFn Right and Legsubclass では %n
(subclass RightLung
    (BodySideFn Right Lung))
Medicine.kif 2897-2897 RightLungBodySideFn Right and Lungsubclass では %n

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