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V* V*
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UserSignifiedAction (user signified action) unemploymentRateOfAreaInPeriod (unemployment rate of area in period)
UserSignifiedGraphicalAction (user signified graphical action) uniqueIdWithRespectTo (unique ID with respect to)
UsingAResource (usingA resource) uniqueIdentifier (unique identifier)
UsingAnAccount (using an account) unitMeasuringPerformance (unit measuring performance)
Utah (utah) unitNumber (unit number)
UterineArtery (uterine artery) unitPrice (unit price)
Utilities (utilities) unpaidItem (unpaid item)
Utility (utility) unratifiedSignatoryToAgreement (unratified signatory to agreement)
Utility-Strictness (utility- strictness) urlString (url)
UtoAztecanLanguage (uto aztecan language) userDatabase (user database)
UyghurLanguage (uyghur language) userFeedbackScore (user feedback score)
UzbekEthnicity (uzbek ethnicity) userIDString (user identifier string)
UzbekiCuisine (Uzbeki Cuisine) userName (user name)
Uzbekistan (uzbekistan) uses (uses)
UzbekistaniSom (uzbekistani som) utterance (utterance)
V* v*
VCRSystem (vcr system) vaccine (vaccine)
VHSCassette (VHS cassette) valence (valence)
VSTOL (V/STOL) validFor (valid for)
VSeriesNerveAgent (V series nerve agent) validPaymentType (valid payment type)
VX (VX) validityPeriod (validity period)
Vacationing (vacationing) vegetationType (vegetation type)
VaccinatableDisease (vaccinatable disease) vegetationTypePattern (vegetation type pattern)
Vaccination (vaccination) version (version)
Vaccine (vaccine) vesselDeadWeightTonnage (vessel dead weight tonnage)
VacciniaVirion (vaccinia virion) vesselDisplacement (vessel displacement)
VacciniaVirus (vaccinia virus) vesselGrossRegisteredTonnage (vessel gross registered tonnage)
Vacuum (vacuum) victim (victim)
VacuumCleaner (vacuum cleaner) viewType (view type)
VacuumGauge (vacuum gauge) viewedItemList (list of viewed items)
VacuumHose (vacuum hose) viewedListing (viewed listing)
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