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Sigma KEE - physicalDomain

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation physicalDomain EnglishLanguage "Relation that holds for pairs of physical dimensions that multiply up into a physical dimension of Power. The first is considered for across variable, the second for through variable.") engineering.kif 272-275
(domain physicalDomain 1 PhysicalDimension) engineering.kif 278-278
(domain physicalDomain 2 PhysicalDimension) engineering.kif 279-279
(domain physicalDomain 3 PhysicalDomain) engineering.kif 280-280
(instance physicalDomain TernaryPredicate) engineering.kif 276-276

appearance as argument number 2

(format EnglishLanguage physicalDomain "%1 and %2 form physical domain %3") engineering.kif 277-277
(termFormat EnglishLanguage physicalDomain "physical domain") domainEnglishFormat.kif 65899-65899


        (hasAcrossVariable ?POLE ?ACROSS)
        (hasThroughVariable ?POLE ?THROUGH)
        (hasVariable ?QACROSS ?ACROSS)
        (hasVariable ?QTHROUGH ?THROUGH)
        (hasDimension ?QACROSS ?DACROSS)
        (hasDimension ?QTHROUGH ?DTHROUGH))
    (exists (?DOMAIN)
        (physicalDomain ?DACROSS ?DTHROUGH ?DOMAIN)))
engineering.kif 415-424

appearance as argument number 0

(physicalDomain AngularVelocity Torque Rotary) engineering.kif 283-283
(physicalDomain Pressure VolumeFlow FluidPower) engineering.kif 285-285
(physicalDomain Velocity Force Translatory) engineering.kif 282-282
(physicalDomain Voltage Current Electrical) engineering.kif 284-284

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