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Sigma KEE - TikTok

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(documentation TikTok EnglishLanguage "TikTok, known in China as Douyin , is a video-sharing focused SocialNetworkingSite owned by Chinese company ByteDance.It hosts a variety of short-form user videos, from genres like dance, comedy, and education, with durations from 15 seconds to three minutes. It is an international version of Douyin, originally released in the Chinese market in September 2016. TikTok was launched in 2017 for iOS and Android in most markets outside of mainland China; however, it became available worldwide only after merging with another Chinese social media service,, on 2 August 2018.[from Wikipedia]") ComputingBrands.kif 4580-4590
(instance TikTok SocialNetworkingSite) ComputingBrands.kif 4579-4579

appearance as argument number 2

(creator ByteDance TikTok) ComputingBrands.kif 4591-4591
(termFormat ChineseLanguage TikTok "抖音") ComputingBrands.kif 4593-4593
(termFormat ChinesePinyinWriting TikTok "Dǒuyīn") ComputingBrands.kif 4594-4594
(termFormat EnglishLanguage TikTok "TikTok") ComputingBrands.kif 4592-4592

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