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Sigma KEE - SSHWS5

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation SSHWS5 ChineseLanguage "萨菲尔辛普森飓风5 (SSHWS5)级别的台风(Hurricane) 估计它的一分钟平均风速 (Mean1MinuteWindSpeedFn) 大于 157 mph(252 km/ h)。") Weather.kif 2437-2438
(documentation SSHWS5 EnglishLanguage "The estimated highest Mean1MinuteWindSpeedFn (one-minute sustained winds) for a Hurricane of SSHWSAttribute SSHWS5 is greater than 157 mph (252 km/ h).") Weather.kif 2434-2436
(instance SSHWS5 SSHWSAttribute) Weather.kif 2441-2441

appearance as argument number 2

(successorAttribute SSHWS4 SSHWS5) Weather.kif 2430-2430
(termFormat ChineseLanguage SSHWS5 "萨菲尔辛普森飓风5") Weather.kif 2440-2440
(termFormat EnglishLanguage SSHWS5 "SSHWS5") Weather.kif 2439-2439


        (instance ?H Hurricane)
        (instance ?SS SSHWS5)
        (eventLocated ?H ?AREA)
        (believes ?A
            (property ?H ?SS)))
    (exists (?WIND)
            (greaterThan ?WIND 157.0)
            (believes ?A
                    (MeasureFn ?WIND MilesPerHour)
                    (Mean1MinuteWindSpeedFn ?AREA
                        (WhenFn ?H)))))))
Weather.kif 2443-2457

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