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Sigma KEE - LexNoun

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation LexNoun EnglishLanguage "noun") engineering.kif 46-46
(instance LexNoun LexiconCategory) engineering.kif 47-47

appearance as argument number 2

(lexicon AbsoluteValueFn LexNoun "abs") engineering.kif 134-134
(lexicon AbsoluteValueFn LexNoun "absolute value") engineering.kif 135-135
(lexicon AcrossVariableAccumulator LexNoun "{across variable} accumulator") engineering.kif 512-512
(lexicon AcrossVariableSource LexNoun "{across variable} source") engineering.kif 523-523
(lexicon Amplifier LexNoun "amplifier") engineering.kif 991-991
(lexicon Amplifier LexNoun "non-inverting amplifier") engineering.kif 1006-1006
(lexicon ArticleCategory LexNoun "article") engineering.kif 1390-1390
(lexicon Base LexNoun "base") engineering.kif 1071-1071
(lexicon BesselsEquation LexNoun "Bessel's equation") engineering.kif 193-193
(lexicon BjtTransistor LexNoun "BJT transistor") engineering.kif 1084-1084
(lexicon BridgeSinglePhaseRectifier LexNoun "bridge single-phase rectifier") engineering.kif 1026-1026
(lexicon CapacitorElement LexNoun "capacitor") engineering.kif 534-534
(lexicon Collector LexNoun "collector") engineering.kif 1076-1076
(lexicon Computer LexNoun "computer") engineering.kif 1294-1294
(lexicon ComputerDirectory LexNoun "directory") engineering.kif 1341-1341
(lexicon ComputerDirectory LexNoun "folder") engineering.kif 1340-1340
(lexicon ComputerFile LexNoun "file") engineering.kif 1343-1343
(lexicon ComputerKeyboard LexNoun "keyboard") QoSontology.kif 475-475
(lexicon ComputerProgram LexNoun "program") engineering.kif 1297-1297
(lexicon ComputerProgram LexNoun "{computer program}") engineering.kif 1296-1296
(lexicon ConductorSubstance LexNoun "conductor") engineering.kif 1282-1282
(lexicon CosineFn LexNoun "cos") engineering.kif 141-141
(lexicon CosineFn LexNoun "cosinus") engineering.kif 140-140
(lexicon DamperElement LexNoun "damper") engineering.kif 572-572
(lexicon DcMotor LexNoun "DC motor") engineering.kif 800-800

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