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Sigma KEE - ISO-4217-A

appearance as argument number 1

(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "AED" UnitedArabEmirateDirham) Media.kif 2322-2322
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "AFA" AfghanAfghani) Media.kif 2323-2323
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "ALL" AlbanianLek) Media.kif 2324-2324
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "AMD" ArmenianDram) Media.kif 2325-2325
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "AOA" AngolanKwanza) Media.kif 2327-2327
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "ATS" AustrianSchilling) Media.kif 2329-2329
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "AUD" AustralianDollar) Media.kif 2293-2293
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "AZM" AzerbaijaniManat) Media.kif 2331-2331
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BBD" BarbadosDollar) Media.kif 2333-2333
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BDT" BangladeshiTaka) Media.kif 2334-2334
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BEF" BelgianFranc) Media.kif 2335-2335
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BGN" BulgarianLev) Media.kif 2336-2336
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BHD" BahrainianDinar) Media.kif 2337-2337
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BIF" BurundiFranc) Media.kif 2338-2338
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BMD" BermudaDollar) Media.kif 2339-2339
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BND" BruneiDollar) Media.kif 2340-2340
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BOB" BolivianBoliviano) Media.kif 2341-2341
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BRL" BrazilianReal) Media.kif 2343-2343
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BSD" BahamianDollar) Media.kif 2344-2344
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BTN" BhutaneseNgultrum) Media.kif 2345-2345
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BWP" BotswanaPula) Media.kif 2294-2294
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BYR" BelarusianRubel) Media.kif 2346-2346
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "BZD" BelizeDollar) Media.kif 2347-2347
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "CAD" CanadianDollar) Media.kif 2295-2295
(codeMapping ISO-4217-A "CDF" CongoFranc) Media.kif 2348-2348

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        (codeMapping ISO-4217-A ?A3 ?CURRENCY)
        (codeMapping ISO-3166-1-alpha-2 ?A2 ?AREA)
        (subclass ?AREA GeopoliticalArea)
        (equal ?A2
            (SubstringFn ?A3 0 2)))
    (currencyType ?AREA ?CURRENCY))
Media.kif 2859-2865
    (codeMapping ISO-4217-A ?TOKEN ?CURRENCY)
    (currencyCode ?TOKEN ?CURRENCY))
Media.kif 2311-2313
    (codeMapping ISO-4217-A ?TOKEN ?X)
        (instance ?X UnitOfMeasure)
        (stringLength 3 ?TOKEN)
        (instance ?TOKEN AlphabeticString)))
Media.kif 2281-2286


    (currencyCode ?TOKEN ?CURRENCY)
    (codeMapping ISO-4217-A ?TOKEN ?CURRENCY))
Media.kif 2315-2317

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