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Sigma KEE - HandicappedFriendly

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation HandicappedFriendly EnglishLanguage "HandicappedFriendly describes an object that can be easily used by somebody who has some Disability") Mid-level-ontology.kif 25396-25397
(instance HandicappedFriendly SubjectiveAssessmentAttribute) Mid-level-ontology.kif 25395-25395

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage HandicappedFriendly "handicapped friendly") Mid-level-ontology.kif 25398-25398


    (attribute ?X HandicappedFriendly)
    (exists (?ATTR ?PERSON)
            (instance ?ATTR Disability)
            (instance ?PERSON Human)
            (attribute ?PERSON ?ATTR)
            (inScopeOfInterest ?PERSON ?X))))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 25404-25411
    (attribute ?X HandicappedFriendly)
    (instance ?X Object))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 25400-25402


    (attribute ?X WheelchairAccessible)
    (attribute ?X HandicappedFriendly))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 25377-25379
    (conforms ?OBJ AmericansWithDisabilitiesAct)
    (attribute ?OBJ HandicappedFriendly))
Mid-level-ontology.kif 26135-26137

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