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Sigma KEE - EF5

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation EF5 ChineseLanguage "EFScale(改良藤田级数)EF5 的龙卷风估计三秒阵风风速大于 200mph (322km/ h)。") Weather.kif 2183-2184
(documentation EF5 EnglishLanguage "The estimated ThreeSecondGustSpeedFn for a Tornado of EFScaleAttribute EF5 is greater than 200mph (322km/ h).") Weather.kif 2181-2182
(instance EF5 EFScaleAttribute) Weather.kif 2185-2185

appearance as argument number 2

(successorAttribute EF4 EF5) Weather.kif 2178-2178
(termFormat ChineseLanguage EF5 "改良藤田5") domainEnglishFormat.kif 10370-10370
(termFormat EnglishLanguage EF5 "EF5") domainEnglishFormat.kif 10369-10369


        (instance ?T Tornado)
        (instance ?EF EF5)
        (eventLocated ?T ?AREA)
        (believes ?A
            (property ?T ?EF)))
    (exists (?GUST)
            (greaterThan ?GUST 200.0)
            (believes ?A
                    (MeasureFn ?GUST MilesPerHour)
                    (ThreeSecondGustSpeedFn ?AREA
                        (WhenFn ?T)))))))
Weather.kif 2187-2201

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