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Sigma KEE - CompactDisc

appearance as argument number 1

(diskTypeForDrive CompactDisc CDDrive) ComputerInput.kif 806-806
(documentation CompactDisc EnglishLanguage "An instance of CompactDisc is a flat, disc-shaped DigitalDataStorageDevice that has a reflective medium on at least one side, in which a laser is used to write and read bits of data.") Media.kif 1153-1156
(subclass CompactDisc DigitalDataStorageDevice) Media.kif 1157-1157
(subclass CompactDisc OpticalDisc) Media.kif 1158-1158
(subclass CompactDisc RemovableDigitalDataStorageDevice) ComputerInput.kif 726-726

appearance as argument number 2

(disjoint BluRayDisc CompactDisc) Media.kif 1193-1193
(subclass CD-R CompactDisc) Media.kif 1181-1181
(subclass CD-ROM CompactDisc) Media.kif 1173-1173
(subclass CD-RW CompactDisc) Media.kif 1186-1186


        (instance ?X CompactDisc)
        (instance ?READ Decoding)
        (patient ?READ ?X))
    (exists (?LASER)
            (instance ?LASER RadiatingLight)
            (instrument ?READ ?LASER)
            (wavelength ?LASER
                (MeasureFn 780 Nanometer)))))
Media.kif 1160-1170


    (instance ?PLAYER AudioCDSystem)
    (hasPurpose ?PLAYER
        (exists (?DISC ?AUDIO ?RS ?DIGITAL ?PROC)
                (instrument ?PROC ?PLAYER)
                (patient ?PROC ?DISC)
                (instance ?DISC CompactDisc)
                (instance ?AUDIO AudioRecording)
                (represents ?DIGITAL ?AUDIO)
                (part ?DIGITAL ?DISC)
                (instance ?RS RadiatingSound)
                (subProcess ?RS ?PROC)
                (instrument ?RS ?PLAYER)
                (patient ?RS ?DISC)))))
Media.kif 1213-1227

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