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Sigma KEE - BrakePedal

appearance as argument number 1

(documentation BrakePedal EnglishLanguage "A brake pedal is a device inside a vehicle that has the purpose of being pushed to activate the bakes of the vehicle. Although normally pushed with the foot, this concept also covers handicapped-accessible devices mounted on the steering column that can be activated by pressing with the hands or fingers.") Cars.kif 679-683
(subclass BrakePedal Device) Cars.kif 677-677

appearance as argument number 2

(termFormat EnglishLanguage BrakePedal "brake pedal") Cars.kif 678-678


        (instance ?BP BrakePedal)
        (instance ?P Pushing)
        (instance ?V Vehicle)
        (destination ?P ?BP)
        (eventLocated ?P ?V)
        (part ?BP ?V))
    (hasPurpose ?BP
        (exists (?FS ?F)
                (instance ?FS WearingFrictionSurface)
                (instance ?F Friction)
                (instrument ?F ?FS)
                (causes ?P ?F)))))
Cars.kif 693-707
    (instance ?BP BrakePedal)
    (hasPurpose ?BP
        (exists (?PU)
                (instance ?PU Pushing)
                (destination ?PU ?BP)))))
Cars.kif 685-691

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